The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

My Observations and Predictions of CoronaVirus COVID-19

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As of the writing of this post in Mid March 2020 the CoronaVirus (COVID 19) is in full swing worldwide.  In most of my posts on this site I generally write and share information in regards to health/wellness and CBD oil.


This post will be much different.  Today I just wanted to share some of my insight and observations in regards to the on-going worldwide threat of the coronavirus (COVID 19).  There is still much that needs to be known. At least at this point in time I think I have enough information that I can make some general observations and perhaps some predictions about what is to come.


This is my educated observation and perspective.  I will also share some information and insight for illustration.  As I continue the post I will refer to the virus specifically as COVID 19 not just the coronavirus.  I am not doing this to sound any more sophisticated as the next person. I am doing that since it’s the specific name of the virus.


Coronaviruses are more of a general classification of viruses that have been known for quite a while.  This specific one that is causing the problems is COVID 19. At this time of this post I think that most of the information does specifically identify it as COVID 19. Although anecdotally people still may refer today it as coronavirus.  So in order for me to be consistent I am going to name it with its specific classification.

I posted a video (from my youtube channel) a few days ago related to this post.  You can click below to watch.


So let’s move forward with my take.


COVID – 19 & Other Illnesses Including More Recent Pandemics


There is no doubt that a lot of the events taking place around COVID 19 is unprecedented.  The widespread impact on how it affects so many other people and events (directly or indirectly) is unlike anything we have ever before.


We are living in a globalized society where people can easily be connected both through technology and through travel.  So pathogens like this can easily be spread faster and easier than in the decades of the past. Also, information can flow at an instant across the world.  This is regardless if it is correct information or not.


Just for perspective you are hearing a lot of numbers around COVID 19 across the world and even in the United States (where I reside).  However, with the amount of infections (more on my perspective on infections coming later in the post) and deaths lets just take a look at a few things.


Influenza cycles every year (flu season).  Many can get sick and some get very sick and it can be deadly to those that are the most vulnerable.  How many people annually die from the Flu each year? 

According to the CDC about 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010 are attributed to the Flu.  A lot larger than you may have expected.












What about pneumonia?  It mainly can affect those that are most vulnerable but how many deaths are attributed to it annually?  According to the American Thoracic Society about 50,000 die each year.


Did you ever have strep throat in your life (or related infection from strep)?  You would think that it is easy to treat, right? If you have had it or know others it seems it’s treated with a round of antibiotics and the patient is advised to avoid contact with others during a period of time.  


How many people may die annually from Strep (in the United States)?  According to a Sage Journal publication those deaths are a whopping 1,100 – 1,600 annually.  You may be thinking those numbers are low in comparison to the others, but also may be shocked that it will even be that high.


About a decade ago there was a major pandemic.  It really doesn’t take long for people to forget, we tend to have short memories.  Do you remember H1N1 back around 2009 – 2010? I recall slightly. 


Here is some data for reference.  The CDC estimated that there were 12,469 deaths in the United States due to the H1N1 virus (April 2009 – April 2010).  That should put things in perspective.


Rise In COVID 19 Doesn’t Need To Create Panic


Information around the virus spreads faster then the virus itself.  Some could create panic. Don’t let the flow of information (some of which may be incorrect or designed to create panic) cause you to lose your ability to be courteous and civil to others.  There is no reason for people to be fighting or resulting to violence over wipes or toilet paper in stores (I still don’t get the toilet paper thing).


You also shouldn’t hoard items such as sanitizer so that it is not made available to others.  This is especially important for those at the greatest risk.  People tend to fear what they do not know or do not understand. No doubt there is still a lot that we need to know about the virus but the chaos does not help anyone.


My Observations and Predictions Of COVID 


There are still many questions that need to be answered.  With what we do know at the moment I think I have enough information to make some observations and educated predictions moving forward.  These are my opinion and my predictions based upon my observations.

In the coming days and weeks as information becomes more available I will be curious to how close I will be. At least now I have learned enough to make some sort of guess.

My Predictions

Prediction #1:  The virus does not pose immement direct threat to most of the general population (we kind of know this at the moment).  There are those with general risk factors in which it will – more on this in a moment. However, most of us who may come in contact with it may never see any symptoms or limited symptoms.  There are some areas to be concerned but it may not be for most people directly.


Prediction #2:  I believe we may find out that the virus may have been in existence and spreading much longer then we knew.  China keeps their information closed off. Who knows if we can take much of what they say with a grain of salt. The virus could have been spreading and even made it to other areas of the world far before anyone ever knew it existed.


Prediction #3:  Now that testing is becoming more readily available we will see the numbers of those infected rise, a lot.  The numbers of those infected will be much larger. We eventually find out there are so many people infected (or have been infected) then we once realized.


Experts may be able to create models (once the data is available) to see a significant amount of people may have been carriers of the virus.  Remember I am stating the people that will be infected with the virus, not those who may actually be sick or have enough symptoms to warrant them to pay much attention.  These are the ones that really won’t be affected directly from the virus itself.


Prediction #4:  The real danger may not be on most of the general population (who may unknowingly have the virus) but how contagious the virus is and how easily it can spread.  So those who carry the virus (again who have limited or no symptoms) can spread it so easily that it can make its way to those that are most vulnerable.


This will be the senior or elderly population or those who have underlying health conditions that make them susceptible to the virus.  That’s where I think the real danger seems to be. It’s a lot like a rogue back ops enemy secret agent causing havoc completely in disguise.  Due to the virus’ ability to be transferred easily without any signals (symptoms) from those who may carry it, this is where the danger is (my prediction).


Prediction #5:  In the next month or 2 there will be enough information gathered that we will be able to get a more clear picture of how things started and how the virus operates.  It is also important in the meantime that people follow the simple steps of cleanliness and proper sanitation techniques to avoid spreading the virus (you should wash your hands anyway).


Avoiding large groups in the short term can be a major disruption, but it can really help make a difference to avoid spreading the virus.  The sooner officials are able to get a handle on it the sooner we can get back to our everyday lives.


COVID 19 May Not Affect You Directly But Can Be Deadly For Others Indirectly – Do Your Part

As I continue my observations it’s important that although the virus may not affect you directly (again I suspect more information will become available in the future detailing this). You need to be mindful that it can be passed along to someone in which it can.


If each person can be mindful to avoid the possible transfer of the virus it can make a huge difference.  Use proper sanitation techniques, wash those hands, cover if you cough or sneeze. This will help avoid the transfer of the virus to lead to those who may have underlying health issues.  For them it can cause them to become potentially very ill or worse.  


This can avoid the health systems and hospitals from becoming  overwhelmed. I don’t think you are going to see massive death numbers but what if hospitals get overwhelmed with so many critical cases from the virus that it’s difficult to handle other critical cases (unrelated to the virus).  It’s those things we have to think about.


Check out the CDC homepage for latest updates on COVID 19.  Your local state government department of health is also a great resource for more localized information.


This Will Pass – What We Do Now Can Affect How Fast And When It Does


This is not the end of the world and this will pass as did other events in the past.  Be smart and mindful of what you do and be a part of the solution. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a simple or widely available treatment that may work well to treat the virus.  Perhaps they may find a drug or supplement of sorts that is already in existence (perhaps used for another purpose) may prove to help fight the virus.


That will come in time but sometimes those things happen to present themselves.  People are smart. We have access to information at an instant and technology has allowed us to easily treat things now which in the past may have killed thousands.  There are very bright people working hard around the world sharing information. Don’t overlook the capabilities of people working together.


This will be interesting for me to look back at my observations in the coming weeks and months.  I may change once more information presents itself. I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts at this point in time.


If you have comments or thoughts yourself leave them below.


Stay empowered and informed.




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