The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

More Beneficial Uses Of Green Compass CBD Products

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There are numerous benefits to using CBD Oil.  Some of the most common include anxiety & depression, improved quality of sleep, and even pain management (i.e arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain etc).  It’s becoming a popular option for those that may be seeking a safer alternative beyond common medications (opioids and even acetaminophen & Tylenol).


If you want to be able to get the most out of CBD its very important that you invest in high quality CBD Oil.  That is one of the reasons that I use Green Compass CBD Oil. The CBD products are developed from their USDA certified organic farms.  Green Compasses’ control from their farms to the final products has allowed them to set new standards in the industry.


Now that users have had success utilizing the high quality products people are finding other interesting uses.  In today’s post I will share a few other purposes that have been reported from fellow Green Compass CBD oil users.


Additional Uses For Green Compass CBD Products

If you are seeking to utilize CBD oil there are others who have been on the same journey as you.  Also, you will find that many people may have tried to find other uses for CBD Oil. Ever wondered if there are some other unique uses that are not necessarily mentioned?


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Here are a few helpful ideas shared by some fellow users of Green Compass CBD in which they found to be very successful.  See details below.


  • Relief for some serious chapping around nose:  Dab some full spectrum oil on chapped areas of the face.  Some serious chapping as a result using tissue on the nose due to a cold was rectified overnight with a few drops of CBD oil.


  • Help relieve ring worm on the family dog:  Use some Soothe Cream on dogs ringworm.  It went away in three days.


  • Relief for cystic acne:  Use full spectrum oil on cystic acne, swelling decreased and it helped to eliminate the cyst.



  • Reduce Cream helpful for plantar fasciitis:  Massage Reduce Cream on bottom of foot before bed to help relieve symptoms from plantar fasciitis.


  • Relief for perioral dermatitis on face:  Use Soothe Cream for perioral dermatitis on face.



My Additional Uses For CBD Oil

As more people try and find success utilizing CBD Oil the list of beneficial uses will grow.  Some will find a problem and see if the oil or cream will be able to help. One of our helpful uses with the Green Compass Soothe Cream has been with the numerous nicks, bug bites and rashes my 4 year old son seems to get.


We simply rub the lotion on the affected area and the redness from the rash will calm and go away.  There have been some bug bites in which I have applied the cream and the red swollen area will be unrecognizable later in the day.


He seems to find relief from it as well.  If he needs lotion he asks for it specifically or goes to help himself to it.  For some reason he doesn’t seem to be too fond of some other balms that are in the medicine cabinet (good balms I might add).

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