The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
Do Not Buy CBD Oil On Amazon

Buying CBD On Amazon? | Don’t! Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t.

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Amazon is the leading online retailer.  The amount of items that are available for sale is mind blowing.  If you live in certain cities across the United States, chances are that you are seeing Amazon delivery trucks in your area.  


Nonetheless, you may be tempted to seek to buy CBD oil through Amazon.  That may not be the best idea.  Here I will give you 5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy CBD On Amazon.   In order to protect yourself as a consumer this will provide you with the information you need to know before making a purchasing decision.


Reason #1 CBD Sales On Amazon Are Not Permitted


You may not know this but Amazon has a policy that forbids the sale of CBD on its site. There are rules for retailers that sell products through Amazon and the online retailer specifically outlaws the sale of CBD (cannabidiol) on its website.


If a retailer is selling a CBD product it is in violation of their rules. However, even though it is not permitted by Amazon it doesn’t mean that you cannot purchase a CBD product.  Let’s be honest. There will be retailers that can fly under the radar and sell products that are against the Amazon terms.


Problems are did you actually recieve real CBD or something else?  More on this coming on the list below.


Reason #2 Product Mislabeling (Not Getting What You Think)

5 Reasons Not To Buy CBD Oil On AmazonProducts sold within the realm of CBD can often be labeled incorrectly.  Some intentionally and others which may not be with bad intentions but simply from a poor quality producer that is out of compliance.  This can happen outside of Amazon too. Choosing a high quality product and manufacturer of CBD is essential.


Additionally, some sellers on Amazon may change product details and descriptions to avoid being flagged by Amazon’s algorithms and quality control methods to maintain seller compliance.  This often can lead consumers to make one of the most common mistakes of purchasing hemp oil when in fact they are looking for CBD Oil (more on this in the next heading below)

Reason #3 Hemp Oil Often Sold As CBD Oil (Not The Same)


Another reason why you should not seek to buy CBD oil on Amazon is hemp oil is being sold as CBD oil.  To be fair, there are many legitimate retailers that sell Hemp Oil aka Hempseed Oil on Amazon. Hemp Oil (aka Hempseed Oil) and CBD are not the same.  It causes a lot of confusion. The recent post below and my corresponding video provides some helpful details.

==>The Difference Between Hemp Oil & CBD Oil<==

Hemp oil is used for health and beauty purposes and DOES NOT contain CBD.  It is useful for its specific purposes but do not think that if you are purchasing hemp oil (for the purpose of CBD oil) that they are the same.  If you are making lotions, creams and moisturizers then hemp oil is what you are seeking. If you are seeking CBD to assist with pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep then you need to specifically buy CBD oil (and buy high quality CBD oil) otherwise you are wasting your money.


Some Retailers Intentionally May Sell Hemp Oil As CBD Oil


Unfortunately, there are a few bad apples attempting to take advantage of consumers.  Amazon works to find the bad actors and retailers that sell other products listed on its site.  In this case a retailer would intentionally write product details and descriptions that may lead you to believe that you are buying CBD, when in fact it’s just hemp oil.


I hate to throw you a curve ball but another confusing aspect with hemp oil and CBD oil is the use of carrier oils.  The carrier oil is the medium (for lack of better terms) in which the CBD is mixed. For example, if you read the label on a sublingual tincture you will see something like “CBD Hemp Flower Extract” & MCT Oil or Hemp Oil.

MCT Oil and Hemp Oil are the carrier oils.  When you are seeking CBD oil look for one that uses MCT Oil as the carrier oil as opposed to Hemp Oil.  The reason is that is help provide the optimal means for absorption to the body.


Reason #4 Questionable Quality, Questionable Sources, Questionable Products

One of the biggest factors when making a purchase of CBD oil is choosing a high quality manufacturer.  Not all CBD oil is created equal.  Some companies may all get their raw material and product from the same source and just relabel it and brand it as their own.  There isn’t anything wrong with that, as long as it is comes from high quality sources from the farm and through manufacturing process.


However, many of the online faceless Amazon retailers may not sell products that have the highest quality raw material.  It may not come from organic farms within the United States. They may not test their products from independent 3rd party labs and receive a certificate.


Did this product originate from a country such as China?  China has many questionable farming practices? Failure to grow hemp in optimal soil conditions can potentially lead to pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals and other toxins to become present in the finished product.  Do you want the of those substances going into your body?

Choose your CBD oil producers carefully.  Don’t run the risk of purchasing it online from what could be a less than reputable manufacturer.


Reason #5 Products Filled With Substances Other Than CBD Oil & Counterfeits


This item has some similarity as the earlier headline with hemp oil being sold as CBD Oil.  I wanted to expand a little more, so I felt it would be appropriate for this to be on a separate headline.  As I mentioned earlier, there are always some bad retailers on Amazon that seek to take advantage of the unsuspecting consumer.


Sometimes a retailer may take a package or bottle of a product from a reputable product or company and refill it with something else.  So perhaps you have a sublingual CBD extract or tincture product that you like and want to purchase it on Amazon.  You may find a retailer selling it on Amazon. However, instead of it being the actual product it may be a counterfeit.  It may also be an empty bottle refilled with something such as hemp oil other then cbd oil.  It could be anything, you don’t know.


Some companies may not allow for their products to be sold on Amazon.  If they are sold on the online retailer you run the potential risk.  It’s a wild card.


I’ve heard anecdotal stories but I don’t have the resources to go and test everything myself.  However, this piece from the Washington post did and this was a helpful read  I have been critical of many mass media outlets in their reporting of all things CBD (and I still am) however I think the writer did a nice job on this one.


There were some products that they purchased that did test positive for CBD (even though it may violate the rules).  The quality quality and source would be the predominant questions to factor (its a very important one)


Bottom Line


Be a smart consumer.  If you are seeking to purchase high quality CBD oil I just wouldn’t seek to purchase it from Amazon.  Amazon does not allow it. Certainly, some retailers may sell actual CBD on the site (at risk of penalty).  Others do not and may intentionally take advantage of the consumer.


Another problem is that even if you are able to buy a CBD product on Amazon, is it the high quality CBD that you are legitimately seeking?  Does it really come from optimal organic sources in the United States? Perhaps it may come from a questionable country that may use questionable practices.

Be informed and decide what is best for you.

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