The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
the medical uses of cannabis root

The Medical Use Of Cannabis Roots

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Modern medicine and research have been able to make significant strides in treating illnesses and diseases.  In just the last few decades the progress has been exponential. There are many developments that pertain to anecdotal and documented treatments that have existed for hundreds or even thousands of years.


The medicinal use of cannabis goes back hundreds of years.  It has been touted in the more recent modern times but now science has been able to unravel the mysterious surrounding its medicinal value. Both THC and CBD have been the compounds now identified to hold great potential.  CBD in particular has now begun to gain stronger research supporting its numerous benefits. Interesting enough cannabis roots also has a documented therapeutic value.

Yes, you heard that right. The roots of the cannabis plant have been used therapeutically in the past and the list of uses is eye opening.


The Documented “Roots” Of Cannabis Roots Therapeutics Uses

Did you like the clever wording of the heading above? We are discussing the actual roots (the part of the plant that goes into the soil) of the plant.  The origin of its uses goes back hundreds of years. In fact there were documented uses of cannabis roots in the first century.

Pliny The Elder – wiki commons

Pliny The Elder documented a concoction of the roots in water that was used to relieve symptoms such as stiffness of joints, gout, and other related conditions.  Pliny was a Roman Naturalist from the first century C.E.




There is a beer (Double I.P.A which appropriately has the same name) made by Russian River Brewery.  In their details they do give slight insight on the man behind the name.

Side Note! If you have interest in the connection with beer and cannabinoids you will find my post on the topic rather interesting (and perhaps entertaining).

Holding Glass Of Beer In Front Of Hops Growing On Fence

Back to the topic at hand, the roots of the cannabis plant were even documented to have similar uses (including relieving inflammation) by 17th century herbalists.  Below are some of the medical uses documented from cannabis roots:


  • Gout, Arthritis, Joint pain
  • Fever
  • Inflammation
  • Skin Burns
  • Hard Tumors
  • Childbirth (postpartum hemorrhage)
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (Gonoreea)
  • Gastrointestinal Activity
  • Infection


Here are a few extra details on some of the medicinal uses of cannabis roots that were documented in the peer reviewed article. 


Joint Pain, Gout & Arthritis


Numerous botanists and herbalists utilized the root to relieve symptoms associated with gout, arthritis, joint pain, stiff joints etc.  Most general records have indicated that roots were boiled in water and applied topically.



In the 12th century Persia, boiled cannabis roots were used to decrease fever.  In Argentina they were used to decrease fever associated with malaria. The roots were administered both topically and orally for fever.



There are numerous documents on utilizing the root for inflammation.  Roots were boiled and applied topically to the affected areas


Skin Burns

Roots pounded and wrapped were good for a burn.  The roots could be raw or mixed with a fat (such as butter) and applied topically.



The word tumors were most likely used to describe things such as abscess, sores and swelling etc.  Boiled roots were applied topically.


Is There A Future For Utilizing Cannabis Roots Therapeutically?

Perhaps.  Much of the recent interest has been with cannabinoids such as CBD.  Research has been able to define there are many beneficial uses with CBD (and that list will continue to grow).  However, one common denominator is that some many items such as cannabis have been historically documented to have many medicinal uses.


Technology now allows us to gain a greater understanding of why these particular plants were utilized with success in the past.  More research may help us to identify how it can be useful in a similar capacity today. These uses may help limit dependency on many medications that can be prone to addiction, abuse and also carry adverse effects.


A Word Of Caution

Just as I have mentioned with CBD, there are some areas that you should be very cautious.  The source of the cannabis (Hemp) is essential. The plants have a unique quality called phytoremediation which essentially means the plants absorb substances which are in the soil (clean the soil).


This is good in the sense that you are attempting to clean soil or toxins, but can be problematic if you are seeking to use the plant for food or medicinal purposes.  Heavy metals and toxins can make its way back to your CBD product. It’s no different if someone is utilizing cannabis roots.


Pay careful attention to where cannabis (hemp) products are sourced. Avoid products that use imported hemp from countries that have questionable agricultural practices.  Seek hemp that is grown organically from the United States. Organic hemp will come from clean soil utilizing safe, clean and sustainable farming practices. This gives you confidence in the final product

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