The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
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Why The Source of Hemp For CBD Oil Is So Important

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Are you researching CBD Oils?  If you have spent any time researching CBD Oil you may run into some hurdles of confusion.

There is growing popularity with CBD Oil and its usefulness, many (including myself) have found that it has been very helpful for a variety of different conditions. 

It is one of the many cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis sativa plant. With the passage of the farm bill many US based farmers are beginning to grow hemp and you may find that most CBD Oil is derived from hemp.

Hemp  is a very useful plant with so many uses in addition to the production of CBD Oil.  If you are searching for the highest quality and safest CBD Oil there are some really important factors to bare in mind.  The source of hemp and where it is cultivated is very important.

Although you may also see the terms Hemp Oil and CBD Oil used together, they are actually different.  Be sure to read my post on “Is Hemp Oil and CBD Oil The Same, Confused?”.  This will help give you some extra insight to understand the difference.

In this post we will discuss some background of the hemp plant and some history so that it  is helpful to understand the importance of how and where Hemp is grown. This will guide you in your journey to evaluate CBD Oils and highly reputable companies that produce it.

In this post we will learn the following:

A Background on Hemp

Hemp As A Source For CBD Oil Production

The Challenges and Opportunities of Hemp and CBD Oil Production

Background on Hemp

The Cannabis PlantHemp is part of the cannabis sativa plant.  Don’t confuse it with its cousin marijuana. Though they are part of the same family Hemp has no use as a recreational drug.  The primary psychoactive substance that causes the high from Marijuana (THC) is far too low to cause someone to get high.

However, Hemp’s uses are industrial and many of its uses may even surprise you.  It has been used in cordage, health and beauty products, clothing and even as a food source.  Ironically, the federal government at one time was encouraging the growth and cultivation of hemp around World War II. 

This may come as a bit of a shock since until recently Hemp production was unfortunately overlapped and mixed into laws to control marijuana.  Although they may have been in good faith it has been a change that has been long due. 

Going back to the U.S Government and its encouragement of Hemp production – there was even a short film produced back in 1943 called “Hemp for Victory”

It was produced by the US Government to encourage the growth of hemp for the war effort.  It’s not a very long film but does showcase some of its industrial uses and creates a picture of how they view of Hemp has changed throughout the years.

Hemp Seeds Nutrition Label
Hemp Seeds In My Pantry Which Were Purchased At A Local Aldi Supermarket

Even though there were significant restrictions with Hemp domestically within the United States you could still find hemp as a consumer product on shelves and online.  Hemp has been used in clothes and it was not difficult to find. Most may find hemp in some form on shelves in their local grocery stores or food markets. You could find it in cereals, granola or even raw shelled hemp seeds.

I primarily kept raw shelled hemp seeds in my pantry and used it in oatmeal.  I like to taste and it really does have a great nutritional profile.



The odd part of the story is that although hemp had restrictions to be produced here but you could buy hemp related products.  Hemp was produced and imported from other countries. The shelled hemp seeds in my pantry originated from Canada. This will now change due to the restrictions being lifted.

Hemp As Source For CBD Oil Production

The cannabis sativa plant (marijuana and hemp) have a long list of uses.  They have been used for thousands of years in both industrially and medicinally.  Though marijuana can also produce CBD it also produces much larger qualities of THC which makes it useful for those who are taking advantage of its psychoactive effects as a recreational drug. 

Furthermore, many producers have used advances in science to further increase the amounts of THC in each plant to intensify the high. Now I am by no means downplaying the medicinal qualities of marijuana. 

I am just pointing out that through modern science we are now able to create plants that are better suited to meet the demands of those seeking its recreational capabilities.  

No judgement here, just pointing out the trends.  You can certainly derive CBD Oil from the marijuana plant but there is also a lot more finesse in its production.  However, hemp is much easier to grow and its CBD to THC ratio make it very ideal for CBD production.

Since the federal government has opened the doors to make it legal to grow and produce hemp – many farmers are beginning to produce it as a cash crop.

Farmers That Choose To Grow Hemp

Farmers that choose to grow hemp will find that there are restrictions.  First some states may have not fully allowed hemp production within their state boundaries (you can expect this to begin to change in the coming months)

Also, the hemp produced can have no more than 0.3% THC. Farmers would have permits from officials and would have to meet all the restrictions and criteria as well as have inspections to ensure proper compliance.

The downfall for farmers who may want to convert to hemp production would be the amount of time and/or money needed to convert their crops over.  This could include the equipment for production as well as the time/money for legal compliance.  

There is a lot of opportunity however since the crop can be produced domestically much of the revenue can increase opportunities in agricultural job growth as well as other related industries.  This is good for everyone and not just for CBD production. Since there are so many other uses of the hemp plant the doors are wide open and that benefits us all.

The Challenges and Opportunities of Hemp and CBD Oil Production

Hemp is a truly remarkable plant with so many uses and is very easy to grow.  The challenges that hemp has it that along with it fast growth and ease to produce it can also take on the substances within the soil it resides. 

For those seeking the highest quality of hemp and the products from the plant  there must be significant due diligence placed on the soil conditions.  Prime soil conditions and farming practices will produce better quality hemp. Better quality hemp will produce better quality CBD Oil.

Though the passage of the farm act has now made it possible for domestic production of hemp as a cash crop we have discussed some of the challenges for farmers.  The conversion costs in equipment, lot sizes and regulatory requirements can sting and leave some to not be able to make the jump. It’s also important that hemp be grown in optimal organic soil conditions to ensure quality. 

If searching for the best high quality (top tier) CBD Oil you should pay attention to the source of the hemp. 

Here are a few questions to consider or ask.

Where was the hemp produced?  

Was the hemp grown organically? 

If grown organically what was the agency or entity that certified the organic status?

Papa Johns has a great slogan “better ingredients, better pizza”.  Here it’s not any different, if you want the best quality CBD that is available, it needs to be produced and sourced in optimal conditions.  Not all CBD products are created equal. The best CBD Oil will come from farmers producing the hemp in optimal soil (organically certified conditions). 

Secondly, the manufacturer of the CBD product will need to use a highly sophisticated extraction method (CO2 – Carbon Dioxide is the best method to extract CBD Oil and remove impurities).  Additionally, the manufacturer will produce independent lab tests. Reputable companies would even guarantee their products.

Some may use cheaper methods like petroleum to extract CBD Oil.  This method may be cheaper but doesn’t extract the highest quality CBD.

I have personally witnesses and spoke with CBD Oil users that have changed over to a different manufacture and saw significant results.  The common denominator came from a higher level quality product where the quality of hemp was essential down to the farmers that cultivated the crops.

In Conclusion – The Quality of Hemp Is Essential To The Quality of CBD Oil

As CBD Oil products continue to hit the market you may find yourself overwhelmed.  First you want to learn more about CBD Oil and its benefits.

Is there some truth to its benefits?

Does it work? 

Are people really finding it useful? How do I find the best quality CBD Oil?

My Top 5 Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

One of the most important aspects to consider is where the hemp is sourced and produced.  Optimal growing conditions will produce a superior crop and produce a superior quality CBD Oil.  Seek CBD Oil that is produced from hemp grown organically through a certified agency.  

This way you can ensure a strict compliance with farm soil conditions. These factors will lead to a better quality CBD product. 

==> Looking for high quality CBD Oil?  Here is what we use.  Developed and manufactured in the United States from domestically grown organic Hemp.

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What are your thoughts? Have you found a difference in CBD products and producers, or have you just began the process? If you have any thoughts, drop a comment below.


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