The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

What Is The Best Way To Take CBD Oil? | Here Are The Pros & Cons

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Are you looking to take CBD oil and not quite sure how to even use it?  What is the best way to use CBD oil anyway? There are so many products available, now you are confused.  If these types of questions come to mind then this post  is most definitely for you.


Lets review some details and discuss the best ways to take CBD Oil.


First Define Your Use For CBD Oil


There are a variety of CBD products that are on the market.  Many are developed to assist with certain types of needs. Others I think are marketing gimmicks at best.  However, there are products that are obviously suited for specific purposes.

For example if you are seeking to utilize CBD oil for some joint pain or skin irritations then you would use a CBD lotion or balm related product.  If you are seeking to utilize CBD to assist with sleep, pain, anxiety etc then you would use a product that will be taken orally.

These are obvious right?


Now in some cases there are those who may be having some joint pain in which they use both a CBD lotion or balm and oral based product.  The lotions and balms are easy, simple and straight forward. You just need to rub and apply the product in the desired area.

However, for those that will be taking it orally there is some additional information that is required.


How To Take CBD Oil Orally


There are several ways in which you can take CBD orally.  Pay close attention the following because there are some pros and cons to each.  There is an optimal method to use CBD oil and we will discuss them carefully.


Option #1  CBD Capsules


CBD Oil Capsules are an easy effortless way to take CBD oil.  The capsules will contain a certain amount of CBD oil in each capsule.  Take your dosage. Its that easy.


Pros: Its an easy way to take CBD and causes little disruption to your everyday life.


Cons:  Taking CBD orally in casule form means that it has to go through your digestive tract.  That is not the best way for CBD to be absorbed.  Conditions in your stomach and digestive tract can degrade the CBD and limit the amount CBD that can make it to your bloodstream. 


Other Concerns:  Always seek quality CBD products from reputable companies utilizing hemp grown organically.

Option #2 CBD Edibles


CBD edibles deliver what “some” may say is the funniest of CBD products.  CBD candies and gummies seem to be the most popular and you simply eat them.  There could be a variety of different products or flavors available.


Pros:  Edibles can come in different forms such as candies or gummies and also cause little disruption to your everyday life.


Cons:  Edibles still have to go through your digestive tract which can deteriorate CBD before it makes it to your bloodstream.  Secondly, there are a lot of edible products that seem more gimmicky than practical. Additionally, the FDA has some legal issues with edible CBD products.


Other Concerns:  Always seek quality CBD products from reputable companies utilizing hemp grown organically.

Option #3  Sublingual CBD Tinctures/Extracts


Sublingual Extracts/Tinctures are contained in a bottle and dropper in which the oil is to be taken under your tongue.  You may see terms such as Tinctures and Extracts used interchangeably sometimes. The technical medical term for tincture may mean for it to be contained within alcohol.  However, your CBD products should be in a carrier oil. READ YOUR LABEL.  


The common carriers oils would be hemp oil and MCT oil MCT Oil is the best carrier oil for CBD to work optimally. Read the label of the product to see which carrier oil is used.  However, be careful not to confuse the Sublingual CBD Drops with pure hemp oil. 


Pros:  The optimal and best way to take CBD oil.  There is no other means to take CBD oil that can match the efficiency of sublingual drops.  Just take your dosage and put it under your tongue and wait at least 60 – 90 secs before swallowing.


Cons:  Sublingual drops are not as common in most households as medications and vitamins that are in pill form.  It may be a slightly different concept and you could find yourself forgetful to include it in your daily routine.  It is very simple but more people can be accustomed to taking pills, vitamins and food VS a sublingual drop.


Other Concerns:  Always seek quality CBD products from reputable companies utilizing hemp grown organically.

Final Thoughts


There are a variety of products and options available for CBD.  If you are taking topical products its very straight forward, just simply apply the balm and lotion.  Otherwise you are going to take it orally.  


When taking CBD by mouth there are a few options and each will come with some pros and cons, however the sublingual drop from a extract/tincture is by far the best optimal method to take CBD.


You need to just be mindful to select a high quality CBD product from a reputable manufacturer.  This will include all CBD related products to not just get the quality CBD but also avoid having potential dangers lurking in your CBD product.


If you are concerned about whether your CBD is working and don’t know what to do, read this.


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Be Informed.  Be Empowered.


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