The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

What Is A CBD Oil Isolate? | Is It Right For You?

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What is a CBD Oil Isolate? 

Have you found yourself asking that same question? 

There is a lot of interest and hype with CBD oil but once you begin to take the next step you can get inundated with products and terms.

In this post I will define a CBD Oil isolate.  Additionally, I will detail some Pros & Cons to isolates.  This will help give you the clarification you need so that you are purchasing the type of product that is right for you.


What Is A CBD Oil Isolate?


A CBD oil isolate is CBD (cannabidiol) which is isolated by itself.  Hence the name isolate. It will contain only one cannabinoid which is CBD oil.  No other cannabinoids such as THC will be present.

There are numerous cannabinoids which are present in the cannabis plant.  The two primarily cannabinoids which are most well known would include THC and CBD.  THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid which causes the intoxicating high, whereas CBD does not.  CBD does not cause any intoxication.


It is important to know that both marijuana and hemp are in the cannabis family.  If you purchasing a CBD oil product it will be most likely be derived from hemp. Hemp has very rich levels of CBD and very low levels of THC.  However, marijuana will contain very high levels of THC which is why it is used as a recreational drug.


When a CBD oil isolate is manufactured it will remove all other cannabinoids (including THC), flavonoids and terpenes.  These products will also often be labeled as THC free (since it contains just CBD and no THC).


Why Would Want To Use CBD Oil Isolate?


Most consumers may wish to purchase a CBD isolate if they are wanting to have a product which will contain no THC.  CBD products that have THC are still legal as long as they contain 0.3% THC or less.  The federal government legalized hemp at the Federal level with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill.

This amount is far to low to cause any intoxication but is the amount that is legal by regulators.  Generally, consumers may just wish to not have any THC present for personal reasons including avoiding any possibility of THC showing up on potential drug testing.

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Although CBD is becoming more understood in the recent year, there may be some employer situations where drug testing is much more strict (speak with your employers about specifics).  In those situations consumers may seek to avoid THC altogether and just select a CBD Isolate (THC Free) product.


Is CBD Isolate The Better Option?


It depends on the individual.  Here is the science behind it all so you can make the best decision for you.


CBD generally works best when it is delivered in its most natural state (in simple terms).  This means that CBD can be optimized by having it included with other natural cannabinoids that are included in the plant which will include:  low levels of THC, other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.


These other substances along with CBD oil work with a process called “The Entourage Effect” which essentially optimizes the effectiveness of CBD oil.  The most effective and popular CBD products which contain additional cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes are called “Full Spectrum”.


Remember when you see Full Spectrum it will contain other cannabinoids including THC whereas a CBD Isolate (THC Free)  will not.


There are many people that use isolates and still get very good results.  I have used both the Isolate and Full Spectrum. For me I saw that the Full Spectrum seemed to work better, especially in the short term.


When I was taking the isolate more consistently I was able to see similar results to the full spectrum.  Bare in mind that this is some of my personal experience in which isn’t scientifically tested. Everyone’s body chemistry is different.  Each person will have to find the correct dosage and sweet spot that works best for them.

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The good rule of thumb for choosing an Isolate over a full spectrum would be if you have preference to have no THC or have a employer that may have strict drug testing (consult your employer for specifics).


CBD Isolate (THC Free) Pros & Cons


Pros:  Isolates contain Only CBD and no other cannabinoids (No THC).


Cons:  Since they do not contain other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes you can potentially lose ability to achieve entourage effect which can optimize CBD oil in your body.


Remember:  Every person is different and there are many people that use Isolates and have great results as well.  The advantage is that there are products available depending on your individual circumstance.


Things To Also Bare In Mind About CBD Oil Isolates


Not all CBD oil is created equal.  Choose from quality reputable companies that also utilize independent 3rd party testing.  There are products on the market that are said to contain CBD that do not. There are some that are marketed to be Isolates or THC Free that in fact contain THC.

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Reputable and quality manufacturers will test their products and have reports available. Its best not to fall for a cheap CBD product.  Quality CBD is not cheap and you will get what you pay for ultimately. Its unfortunate that some consumers may fall victim to using a low quality CBD and not ever see the real benefits. 

Failure to select Quality CBD Oil can lead to potential dangers lurking in your CBD Product.


Additionally, some CBD Isolates from less than reputable companies will in fact contain THC.  The consumer may find themselves shocked when they fail employer mandated drug testing because a product contained THC even when its labeled to be THC free.


Is a CBD Isolate best for you?  Everyone is different. If you want to avoid THC for whatever reason this will be the type of product in which you should purchase.  Choose a reputable company that produces quality products and independently tests their products.



Stay informed and empowered with information as a consumer!

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