The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

3 Healing Herbs & Foods That Contain Cannabinoids Like Cannabis


If you have read through any of the posts on this site I have referenced the many benefits of CBD Oil.    There has been clinical research verifying much of its positive benefits and it seems that we might just be scratching the surface. Much of this is due to how CBD Oil operates in conjunction with the Endocannabinoid System.

This is a relatively new system that we have just began to truly understand. In fact this 2006 Peer Review posting details how the Endocannabinoid System is becoming a new target for treatment for a variety of ailments.  Some popular benefits are epilepsy, depression and anxiety and its even has benefits for our four legged furry friends.

There are also other plants that have cannabimimetic effects.  That basically means that although they may not be cannabinoids, they will have similar effects on the body.  Since I value sharing useful information to you in regards to our overall health and wellness – I am going to share a few plants and some of their relative benefits and effects.

Here are 3 Healing Herbs and foods that contain cannabinoids similar to cannabis.  They are more than likely in some form or another in your pantry.

3 Foods & Herbs With Unique Medicinal Value in Your Panty

1.  Holy Basil

Fresh Picked Basil

Let me be the first to say that one of my favorite aromatic ingredients I like to use when I cook is Basil.  I grow it every year and I personally feel that it is secret ingredient in marinara sauce.  Now, let me get off my basil soapbox and present to you the medicinal benefits of basil which also contains cannabinoid like properties.

It is a plant that is revered in India and traditionally used to treat bronchitis, influenza and asthma. It also has shown to be anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory. It has also been shown to protect liver, kidney and brain from pesticides.Fresh Basil, Tomato alongside Bottle of Oil

Basil has also been documented to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal activity.

Fresh Basil on Pizza

So if you enjoy basil all the more reason to add more in your favorite foods and even grow it in your herb garden.

Fresh Bruschetta

Ok – just one more close up with a Basil Dish.

Fresh Basil, Mozzarella, Tomato with Balsamic Vinegar

2. Kava

The Kava Root has been used medicinally for centuries. If you are a tea drinker and have a relaxing or stress relief tea in your pantry then you will most likely find kava root included in the ingredients.  There is research in how kavaloctones (which are the ingredients contained with kava) may interact with the endocannabinoid system and may be responsible for its relaxing effects.

There has also been some research on the anti-cancer properties of Kava .  A word of caution though, many plants do have strong medicinal properties and some more potent than others. If you are on medications, or breast feeding etc, just speak to you medical provider to make sure there will be no unwanted interactions.

3.  Cacao

Cacao in Jar

Yes!! Chocolate Lovers, are you cheering now?  Could it be that one of everyone’s favorite treats just might be good for you? Chocolate is derived from the cacao plant. Cacao contains anandamide which interacts in conjunction with the endocannabinoid systems.

This is just a small relevant fact based upon our discussion of plants that contain cannabimimetic compounds.  What you would find intriguing is that there is a surprising amount of health benefits attributed to flavonoids found in cacao.

In this 2013 study it has been shown to improve cognition in humans and lowers the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease and decrease the risk of stroke.

Now it’s important to note that most of the chocolate and cocoa (derived from the Cacao plants) are often highly processed and contain excessive levels of sugar.

The amount of sugar intake could outweigh any potential benefits. I am trying to be careful here to differentiate sugar from cacao since its common knowledge by now that high sugar consumption in your diets can cause a lot of problems.

In Conclusion

The relatively new discovery of the endocannabinoid system has now been able to show the complex functions of how the central and peripheral nervous systems connects with organs of the body.

Though CBD Oil has been shown to work in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system, there are other plants that have a similar make up (cannabimimetic) that may have similar effects.  Some of which may be in your kitchen pantry.

Research has shown that the medicinal properties have been useful in improving cognition, decreasing chances of stroke, relieving anxiety and aiding in treatment of respiratory conditions.

In addition, there are anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-viral properties (Holy Basil) present that showcase the hidden talents of this aromatic herb (other then making a darn good marinara sauce).  So next time you partake in ones of these items, relish the fact that they are more than meets the eye!

Stay Empowered & Informed!

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