The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Improve Your Quality Of Life With CBD Oil

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 In some of my previous posts I have discussed the background of CBD oil and some of the numerous health benefits that have been reported by those that use them.


Many people that have an interest in learning about CBD oil are looking to improve their quality of life.  Much of this could be to relieve conditions such as pain, lack of sleep, anxiety etc.


Here are some of the common factors about CBD oil that could be beneficial for you and some of the other aspects you should be cautious.


CBD Oil May Help You Rest and Sleep


According to the National Sleep Foundation approximately 43% of people in the US seldom or never sleep well at night.  The lack of quality sleep at night can have a variety of negative effects on the individual.


Medicated solutions often involve sleeping pills that can carry negative side effects.  This leaves many seeking a better alternative outside of prescription or over the counter medications.


Fortunately, CBD Oil may be able to offer some assistance but the process is a little more complicated. 


While those who may utilize CBD Oil to help them rest are celebrating its success (I being one of them), it isn’t from a sedation effect.


There has been research in regards to how CBD can be beneficial for sleep but it’s not from a drowsy sedation effects that you may receive from sleeping pills.


It has been shown that the calming and relaxing effects from CBD aides the individual to be able to fall asleep and improve sleep quality.      


A common complaint from sleeping pills is that the patient can wake up feeling groggy.  Those that have seen success with CBD oil for their sleep have been able to see better overall sleep.


Understand that it is different from a sedation effect but could be helpful.




The Relaxation, Calming and Anti-Anxiety Effects of CBD Oil


One of the more popular and notable items of CBD Oil is its relaxing, calming and anti-anxiety effects.  About 18% of the US population suffer from some type of anxiety disorder. 


Many of the anti-anxiety medications also come with harsh side effects, leaving many to seek another solution.  Studies have shown where patients have been able to see improvement with anxiety disorders utilizing CBD oil.


This study  was able to successfully document CBD oil’s success in relieving symptoms in a young adolescent that suffered traumatic abuse as a child.


There are also the casual cbd oil users that just like to use the positive benefits to help become more calm and relaxed.  This could be to assist through everyday stresses from work or just help keep a clear head.


Pain Relief With CBD Oil


Pain relief medications such as opioids have epidemic levels of substance abuse.


Over the years pain medications have been prescribed at such high levels that many have become addicted and overdosing has became too common.


In fact in a recent post I covered how a recent lawsuit with purdue pharma highlights an awareness of how dangerous abuse levels have become.


Now in fall of 2019 there is interest in CBD oil and there has been relief reported by those seeking to utilize its anti-inflammatory qualities for pain relief.


CBD Oil has strong anti-inflammatory qualities that can help relieve pain such as chronic, joint arthritis and neuropathic pain etc.  


Many of these ailments have previously been treated using prescription pain pills or even over the counter medication.


Now consumers, patients, physicians and caregivers are seeking a safer solution utilizing CBD Oil outside of medications and there is evidence to support it.


Although much of the abuse and addiction centers around prescription opioids. There are over the counter medications that are in the same family. 


 Many of the common pain medications that you have in your home currently may not be as safe as you think.  


==>Check out my posting here on The Dangers of Acetaminophen & Tylenol – it may help save your life.<===


Restoring Natural Body Homeostasis With CBD Oil


The fascinating science behind how CBD Oil works is how it functions with your endocannabinoid system.


You endocannabinoid system is a receptor system that connects your central nervous systems with your peripheral organs.  It can help control body functions such as sleep, mood, digestion, immune response and inflammation etc.


If your endocannabinoid system isn’t regulated you could have symptoms such as lack of sleep or inflammation.  


Using CBD Oil can help to establish the natural balance (homeostasis) which would offer relief for things such as pain (caused by inflammation etc).


The Safety Profile of CBD Oil


The other great aspect to consider is that CBD Oil has been shown to have a great safety profile with limited side effects.


Side effects that have been reported with CBD Oil have been limited. Patients in studies that even reported them noted that they were mild in nature.  Some of those that were reported were:


  • Fatigue
  • Increased appetite
  • Weight Gain
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever


Always speak to your personal physician about using CBD oil.  Pregnant, nursing mothers or those taking existing medications should always speak with their medical providers.  This is important to avoid any medication interactions.


CBD Oil Is Not A Cure All – Here Is Where To Be Cautious


Yeah, CBD Oil has some very useful capabilities. 

However, it is not a cure all.

 It is not the silver bullet that will take care of any ailment that you have.  

Here are some things just to be mindful and cautious in regards to CBD Oil.

First it is a growing market and there will be continued interest moving forward.  There are some good players and some opportunistic (bad actors) players that come into the market.

Be mindful of trendy and gimmicky products.  There may be some reputable manufacturers that produce some trendy products but will they really work as well as the brick and mortar CBD Oil products (ex sublingual tincture)?

Also, not all CBD oil products are created equal and may not have the same quality or even amounts listed on the label.  


Seek reputable manufacturers that value quality and put the consumer first.


Reputable manufacturers will use independent lab testing to verify the quality.  These reports are also readily available and/or provided when requested.


If you are seeking to improve your wellness with CBD oil I would suggest you seek companies that are truly built for that purpose (benefiting the health and wellness of the individual and not trendy gimmicks).  


==>The Secret Ninja CBD Oil Buyers Guide (Longer Detailed Post)<==

==> The Ultimate Beginners CBD Oil Power Guide (Shorter Quick Reference Version)<==

The reputable manufacturers that are health and wellness will generally be creating the most high quality products that are truly made to help others.


There may be other manufacturers that are looking to make to next hot trendy product for the hipsters.  


Define your purpose. Are you seeking a trendy cool product utilizing CBD Oil?

Perhaps you are just seeking reputable manufacturer that produces high quality CBD product to assist with your sleep etc?.


By the way there are some trends around vaping CBD Oil.  BE SURE TO READ MY POST ON WHY I WOULD NOT VAPE, NOT EVEN CBD OIL!



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