The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

You Should Only Buy Organic CBD | Here Is Why

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As you stroll in the produce section of your local grocery store you surely notice a section of organic produce.  The availability of organic produce has increased and the prices have decreased over the years.  Consumers have wised up and realized the benefits of organic fruits and vegetables.  Should that same logic be equally important for purchasing CBD oil products?  


The answer is yes! You should absolutely seek to purchase organic CBD oil products.  Products should be produced from hemp that is farmed organically.  Let’s discuss why this is very important and should be considered when making a purchasing decision.


Why You Should Only Purchase CBD From Organic Hemp


Some of the same logic applies for hemp as it does for food.  Hemp has some unique characteristics and qualities in which it can be even more important.  Now you may be thinking, “Wait, did you just say that it may be even more important to seek out organic hemp than organic produce”?  Let me make my point and it will make a little more sense.


Hemp is a plant that is kind of a scavenger of sorts.  It has the ability to soak up substances (even toxins) in the soil.  Hemp can be used to cleanse soils of impurities leaving cleaner soils in the process.  This process is called phytoremediation.  It is a fascinating quality that showcases the abilities of the plant even in a environmental aspect.


However, as it relates to food or medicinal uses this can be problematic.  Here is why.  Plants that are grown in contaminated soil essentially soak in all the toxins (including heavy metals).  It leaves the possibility of those contaminants or heavy metals making it back into your final CBD oil product.


You do not want to create an opportunity for toxins, contaminants and heavy metals to  be in any CBD product.  Whether it’s one in which you take orally or apply topically these same containments will be introduced to your body.


Farms that utilize organic farming practices avoid using pesticides and other chemicals to have clean soil.  The clean soil avoids having this containment available for the plant to absorb.  Since hemp has the ability to soak up these substances (more so than many other plant types), the final crop is cleaner and free of undesired and perilous substances.


Hemp Can Be Imported From Countries That Utilize Questionable Farming Practices


Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill there has been an increase of production of Hemp in the United States.  That is positive, right?  Problem is that there is still a substantial amount of hemp that is imported from other countries.  Some of those countries utilize questionable farming practices.  The cheaper imported hemp hits the market to produce CBD products and some CBD products may be manufactured completely overseas.


In this circumstance the consumer has limited insight of where and how hemp was produced.  Often there will be cheaper and substandard products that hit the market.  This can leave the consumer confused as to what type of CBD product to buy and how to properly vet CBD manufacturers and companies.  


While this can leave you perplexed, there are some things you can do and look for to avoid the problem.  Rest assured that although the CBD market is still rather unregulated, there are some quality reputable companies that do not utilize hemp from questionable sources.


Seek CBD From United States Based Organic Hemp


Hemp farmers from the United States utilize better agricultural practices then their cheaper imported counterparts.  Better yet seek out products that are made from certified organic hemp.  The process of being certified organic is extensive.  It takes a lot of time and it is thorough.  Since hemp does have the ability to absorb toxins in the soil this will allow a better quality and cleaner hemp to be produced.  Reputable companies will also utilize independent 3rd party lab testing on the products.


The end result will be a greater piece of mind for the consumer and a better quality CBD product.  Additionally, you can feel good that you are helping to support our domestic farmers with a cash crop that helps keep funds and jobs here.  You will be supporting family farmers who are vital to our economy.



Final Thoughts


There is a significant amount of interest in the value of organic produce.  If you are seeking to utilize any CBD product you should only utilize CBD produced from domestic organically grown hemp.  Since hemp has the unique abilities to absorb toxins and heavy metals in the soil this will eliminate possibilities of those toxins being in your CBD product.  


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