The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Successful CBD Oil Based Drug Company Sees Exceptional Sales Now Files To Expand Approved Treatments. 

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Currently there is only one condition per FDA that CBD oil is approved to treat.  That is epilepsy. This led to the approval of a CBD oil based drug (Epidiolex) that is now on the market.


Now for those of you that have seen some success using CBD oil or if you are interested in trying CBD oil, this doesn’t mean it can’t be helpful.  There is a long process that is involved in order to get FDA approval. There was a lengthy detailed clinical study that led to Epidiolex to get an FDA approval for epilepsy.


Unfortunately some media articles and outlets dance around the matter as if CBD oil is actually some dubious snake oil.  They flaunt the FDA’s approved treatment of epilepsy and everything else is completely bogus, baseless and without any evidence or merit.


Don’t be fooled. That is not the case.  Although there are certainly those that may lean to claim that CBD Oil is some silver bullet that can resolve everything.


There are no silver bullets that can cure everything.  If you know of it I want to be the first to know. CBD oil is not a cure all and will not resolve every health ailment there is under the sun.  However, this article is not to discuss those specific matters. That will be a post for another day.


The matter that is interesting is the level of growth for Epidiolex.  I wrote a recent piece on how a large financial institution sees big growth and potential in the drug.  Does that say anything about CBD Oil? Also, there are some new details coming out that can begin to show a bigger picture.


Epidiolex – CBD Oil Based Drug & Only FDA Approved CBD Based Treatment (Epilepsy)


Currently there is only one CBD oil treatment that is approved to treat any disease or condition per the FDA.  That condition is epilepsy (specifically the rare and difficult to treat versions). This led to the development and approval of the Epidiolex which is a CBD oil based drug by GW Pharmaceuticals.  You can read more about the clinical studies that led to its approval below.


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The studies were able to show tangible clinical data that it was able to improve decrease epileptic seizures in patients and improve the quality of life.  It also showed that it has a great safety profile. That goal of researchers was to ultimately be able to find a possible treatment that would be safe since other options came with very adverse side effects.  


Big Financial Institution Sees Huge Growth Potential In CBD Oil Based Drug (Epidiolex)


Recently, I published a post mentioning how a large financial institution (Bank of America) saw big potential for Epidiolex in the market.  There have been increased sales and an expert was on a conference call with investors sharing information on its ability to really help patients.


With all of the data that analysts have does that also give us some clues to how much potential there is with CBD oil?  You don’t have to buy a very expensive medication to have access to CBD. It is legal (although CBD edible products cross into some grey areas you should know about).


The interesting part of this story is at the time of me writing this original post we recently found out that GW Pharmaceuticals (the company that produces Epidiolex) is now filing paperwork to expand the conditions that it can treat.


The paper that has been filed will be seeking approval for epidiolex to treat seizures associated with Tuberous Sclerosis.  This is a condition that consists of growth of benign tumors in parts of the body.


This information is public information.  The possibility of expanding the label of Epidiolex seems to give some clues.  As a potential investor you can see sales growth for the drug to be expanded as it gets approval to treat additional conditions.  As someone interested in CBD this can tell me that industry knows the potential of CBD.


I wouldn’t be shocked to see more filings in the future.  So for anyone that was sitting back and saying there was never any evidence supporting CBD’s usefulness and it was snake oil. This changes that narrative.  


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There are some people who suffer from debilitating illnesses.  These severe cases of epilepsy can really cause havoc on people.  We should be celebrating the fact that there is something now available that can really be able to help them out.


Expanding Mainstream Use Of CBD Indicates Continued Growth


As mentioned at the beginning the FDA has only approved 1 treatment utilizing CBD.  That led to the drug Epidiolex to treat epilepsy. This was the first mainstream acceptance of CBD.  The success and sales of the drug speak a lot of volumes.


This certainly doesn’t take in consideration the masses of people that are seeing success of CBD to assist in a variety of other ailments (CBD Benefits).  Now as sales have continued to grow for Epidiolex there is pending paperwork presented to expand what the drug has been approved to treat.


This shows how pivotal the past 12 months have been for CBD in the mainstream and I believe indicate the potential of CBD has moving forward.  Not just necessarily for the drug Epidiolex, but CBD in general. The pharmaceutical industry as well as the financial industry have taken notice.


Regulations Around CBD Are Still Loose – Here Is What To Look For


You don’t have to get a prescription for the pricey drug Epidiolex to see if CBD will benefit you.  The industry is still unregulated for the most part. It’s filled with many players some of which are very reputable and some others that are not.


Be sure to buy high quality CBD products from reputable manufacturers that also utilize hemp grown organically in the United States.  This will help to avoid any potential toxins or heavy metals from making its way into your CBD products.


If you are seeking to begin a CBD regiment make sure you speak with your medical provider.  Be sure to discuss any medications or supplements that you are currently taking. Bare in mind too that when you start taking CBD that most people will need to develop their dosing sweet spot.


This will identify the proper dosing amount that you will need to help relieve your individual symptoms (ex, pain, anxiety, restlessness etc).  Each person may have a different amount. Below is a related post that can help give you guidance.


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Also, don’t be tempted to purchase CBD on Amazon, here is why you should never buy it there.


Are You Looking For Some High Quality Organic CBD Products?  Here Are Some Folks That Are Setting New Standards In CBD. Hint!  It All Starts At The Source.


Stay Empowered & Informed!


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