The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Quick Hits: The Hidden Dangers Of CBD Oil

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Do you think that your CBD is safe?  Maybe you have purchased a CBD product or if you are reading this post you are just doing some due diligence and research.  However, there could be some potential hidden dangers lurking and hiding that you do not know about. These dangers are not necessarily the CBD oil but trace back to the source it which it came.


In this “Quick Hits” series we will cover some important information that you need to know to products yourself from the dangers with CBD oil.


The Origins of CBD Oil


If you have purchased or seeking to purchase CBD oil it will more than likely be hemp derived.  Hemp is not marijuana but a cousin that is also part of the cannabis family.  It is very rich in CBD and contain scarce levels of THC. Hemp is also called industrial hemp since it has so many uses which include clothes, rope & cordage, food and even medicinal.


The passage of the 2018 Farm bill legalize Hemp at the federal level, however there were restrictions.  One of which is that hemp could contain 0.3% THC or less.   The CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and processed into the products that are purchased today.


The Source of Hemp & Farming Practices Pose Potential Dangers 


Now that we have covered the origins of CBD Oil here is where there can be some potential problems.  The farm bill opened to door for hemp to be produced domestically within the United States. However, hemp has been imported from other countries.  Your CBD oil may also be produced in another country.


Some of these countries may use questionable agricultural practices.  There is a lot of concern for countries like China where substandard agricultural practices can add toxins and contaminants to crops.  


Pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins and contaminants can make their way into the hemp and potentially make it back to the finished CBD oil product.  These potential problems may not be unique to China, there are other farms that may have some of the same problems in which you need to be aware.


The unique qualities of hemp ironically help to create some of the potential problems.  Let me take a moment to quickly explain. Hemp has the ability to clean and detox soil in a process called phytoremediation  It is able to remove toxins and other contaminants in the soil and help restore its proper balance.  That is absolutely fascinating and highlights another great characteristic of the very useful plant.  


The potential problem as it relates to CBD oil production is that you do not want to produce any medicinal product (i.e CBD aka cannabidiol) from hemp that was grown in substandard soil conditions.  Farms that have contaminated soils may have heavy metals and other pesticides that leak in to hemp. When CBD is extracted you do not want to have a chance of those toxins making it back to the final CBD product.


This is not all doom and gloom with CBD, there is some good news and opportunities here.


The Importance of Optimal Agricultural Conditions


Poor quality soil and farming conditions can pose a potential danger with toxins and contaminants in hemp.  Ultimately you do not want to risk utilizing a CBD product that is originally sourced from farms with substandard farming practices.


On that other hand optimal farming practices in which hemp is grown organically can yield high quality hemp that produces clean high quality CBD oil.  You should seek products that are produced from hemp farms in the United States that are grown organically. Those products should be produced domestically within the United States.


These practices help to remove the potential hidden dangers of heavy metals and other toxins that can potentially be included in CBD products.  Better quality soil will also help to create a better quality hemp. Better quality hemp will produce a better quality CBD Oil. I told it was not all gloom and doom.


The Value of Independent 3rd Party Testing


Another important aspect is that you should only purchase CBD oil from companies that utilize independent 3rd party lab testing.  This tests for purity and potency on each batch. They also will receive a certificate of analysis.  

There are cheaper substandard products on the market that simply do not utilize high quality hemp and do not utilize independent 3rd party testing. Dangers may be lurking within CBD products, but by doing some informative research you can avoid the pitfalls and feel at ease with a high quality safe product.  


I personally like to utilize Green Compass CBD products as they are grown organically by United States farmers and control the product completely through production. The focus is on premier products for the health and wellness of the individual without the trendy gimmicks. Learn More About It Here.


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