The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Big Bank Sees Big Potential In CBD Oil Based Drug | What Does That Mean For CBD?

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The popularity of CBD oil has been increasing and those that are using it have been singing its praises.  There are numerous benefits of CBD oil and it has been able to offer a solution to many who have been looking for relief outside of traditional medications.


The industry is growing.  Things are still the wild west as there are some great reputable companies that produce great high quality products.  However, there are still some that don’t produce products that match what is on the label or utilize the best raw materials.  This can lead to some potential dangers in your CBD products.


However, is the fact that there is growing interest give some insights on trends of the industry moving forward?

Is the industry going to become more regulated?

Is big business and the government beginning to buy into CBD oil?


CBD Oil Benefits & What Is Currently FDA Approved


For those that religiously use CBD oil it’s hard not to pay attention to the praise.  Many are finding relief for a variety of conditions. Sleeplessness, pain (including arthritis), anxiety just to name a few.  Although there is a long list of conditions that people are finding success using CBD oil there is only one that actually is a FDA approved treatment.


Epilepsy is currently the only condition in which the FDA has approved CBD oil to be able to treat.  It led to an FDA approved drug that is currently on the market.


The process for FDA approval does take time.  There are certainly many that are pushing to get more green lights for other conditions, but again this is a long process.  There is a lot of good research that supports the benefits of CBD oil use. Now with researchers seeing the success and caretakers and physicians supporting their patients you are surely going to see more investment for research moving forward.


Now that being said, lets just look at the specific CBD oil medication that is approved by the FDA and get an idea of what may happen moving forward.


CBD Oil Medication Epidiolex – FDA Approved (CBD Oil Based) Medication To Treat Epilepsy


At this moment Epidiolex is the only CBD based medication approved by the FDA to treat epilepsy.  In particular it is used to treat some of the more treatment resistant versions of epilepsy.


There were clinical trials conducted that led to it being approved and sold currently on the market.  There have been supporters in the years past that have pointed to CBD’s ability to be effective to treat the symptoms but this was the first time it really became accepted by the mainstream community.


One problem currently is that the medication is very expensive.   According to “The cost for Epidiolex oral liquid (100 mg/mL) is around $1,377 for a supply of 100 milliliters”.   This is using their discounting card and program.

It’s not uncommon for new medications that come into the market with their patent active to be expensive.  Especially for specialty medications that may not have competing drugs or generics available.


Now there are some market forces and the structure of how pharmacies, prescription medications, insurance and benefits managers get involved that really cause problems for the consumer (ridiculous prices and lack of transparency). I am speaking to that as a whole, not just to this medication in particular. However that is a topic for another day.


What may interest you on this topic is the big entities have taken notice.  Follow the money and see if that can make any predictions about the future of CBD.


Big Bank Sees Big Potential With CBD Drug


Recently Bank of America analysts reviewed the trends and pricing of Epidiolex’s parent company GW PharmaceuticalsThey saw a huge upside with the drug. The report which was posted by Yahoo Finance also listed details shared from an epilepsy specialist about the drug.


The doctor was using it successfully with patients with only a small amount of patients that dropped off from using it.  Patients were even reporting better sleep and quality of life.


What Does This Tell Us About The Future of CBD?


The information is public though sometimes unless you are an avid investor you may not pay attention.  Do they see the great potential of CBD? It certainly looks like it, especially for this medication. Obviously it is working.


Are there other potential applications for the medication that it has not been used yet?  Perhaps this will lead to additional sales?


This medication is derived from the same active ingredient that may be in your CBD Oil tincture.  Now big business and investors are taking notice. Now this is my opinion but I think it is a consensus with everyone who may be reviewing the same information.


CBD has great potential and will only continue to grow.  It will also continue to show its potential to really be able to help those in need.  

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