The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Don’t Get Scammed With CBD Oil – Do This Instead

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Your potential purchase of CBD should be no different then purchases of other important products.  There is massive interest in the variety of benefits that CBD can offer. While many have reported how helpful it can be you might need to hit the brakes before making a purchase.


There are many competitors with many products hitting the market.  Information can often overwhelm you. Be careful not to get scammed with CBD oil. 

Is CBD Oil a scam?

The scam is not CBD oil (cannabidiol) by itself. It is more in regards to the CBD products, quality of the CBD, quality of the CBD source and manufacturer just to name a few.


Here is how to avoid being scammed.


CBD Products Are Bountiful – Define Your Purpose Of Use


The CBD market is growing and the list of CBD related products hitting the market has been growing substantially.  The consumer will of course be curious and create a level of demand that leads to increased products. That is a given factor with supply and demand in the marketplace.


However, many of the products that can be hitting the market may be developed to create a cute trendy gimmick rather than fulfilling a CBD need. To make it easier you must define your purpose for CBD.  

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Are you seeking to try CBD to assist with a particular medical ailment (ex. sleep, pain, anxiety etc)?  Do you happen to be a new user of CBD or are you a current user? If you are a current user do you know the dosage amounts that are required for your needs?  Are you using CBD for the wellness benefits or more of a casual user (be honest)?


If you are a new user you may be trying to see if CBD can be helpful for you.  In those cases you may need to stick with some brick and mortar products like a sublingual tincture.  This will allow you to also get a feel for the correct dosage you may need for your particular needs.


Otherwise you will buy a product that can be more fun that helpful.  If you are a current user it can be a little easier especially if you have a dosage amount developed for your specific needs.  


The Funnest, Cutest, Trendy CBD Gimmicks Are Not The Best Use Of CBD Oil


Of course everyone likes the cool new fun products that are out there (not just CBD).  Be mindful not to get scammed and spend your money indiscriminately.  First, high quality CBD oil is not the cheapest. Secondly, some of these fun products may not provide the optimal means of CBD absorption in your body.  


There are CBD oil food products that seem to gather a lot of interest.  Not only does the FDA have potential problems with this (and some individual states specifically if you cross state lines) but also your body can lose ability to absorb CBD that goes into your digestive tract.  Once it goes into your digestive tract there are a number of different factors such as stomach acid and foods that can break down some of the CBD before it can get to your bloodstream.

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Every person is different however dosage of CBD in foods can become a wildcard and unpredictable (thats even if you are getting the amount advertised).  If your body may only allow for a portion of the CBD to make it through your digestive tract why waste the money on the cute CBD food product?  A sublingual tincture allows for optimal absorption and is the best method hands down.



Not All CBD Oil, Products, Manufacturers Are Equal – Select Carefully


Another important factor to consider is the quality of the manufacturer and where the product is sourced.  There are many CBD products and manufacturers, yet some do not independently test products. Sometimes you can have a product that may not have the level of CBD that is on the label.  Additionally, levels of THC may not be properly tested.

Legally, products should have 0.3% THC or less.  Full spectrum products will have small levels of THC but at or below that threshold.  There will be THC free (THC Isolates) that should NOT contain any THC. Unfortunately, some low quality manufacturers do not independently test and you may not be getting what you pay for.  Don’t get scammed and taken advantage of.  

Quality manufacturers will utilize independent 3rd party lab testing to verify details on the label.

Another important factor you must consider is the source and how the CBD oil was extracted.  The CBD will be hemp derived (this may be different in Colorado though hemp still produces optimal CBD).  Hemp is a fantastic plant with so many industrial uses, however you should be mindful of where it was grown.  If you want the best quality CBD buy products developed from hemp grown organically in the United States.


Hemp can still come from outside sources that use questionable agriculture practices.  Otherwise you can risk having hemp tainted with heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins.  You do not want to have any other unknown chemical agents in your CBD.  These are some of the potential hidden dangers lurking in substandard CBD.


Check to verify that the CBD was extracted using CO2 extraction (Carbon Dioxide).  This is the cleanest method available. It may be more expensive but does yield the best quality CBD. Some cheaper extraction methods may still utilize petroleum type extraction.  Its best to steer clear of these.


Avoid Being Scammed – Be A Smart Consumer


Just be mindful of a number of simple steps and you can avoid potential pitfalls when evaluating CBD.  There are a lot of products hitting the market and there may also be some less than reputable companies to come into the market.  However, do let that deter you. There are some good ones out there too.  


Top quality CBD and accountability from the farm to the bottle is one of the reasons why I personally prefer Green Compass CBD Products.  No silly gimmicky products, just farmers growing the best organic hemp within the United States and creating a premier level product with the health and wellness of the individual in mind.  Also, all products are in full compliance and legal in all 50 states.


I hope you found this information helpful and empowering.

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