The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Some New Gimmicky CBD Products Are On The Verge Of Absurdity

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A few weeks ago I made a post referencing some of the gimmicky and trendy products of CBD.


I have written numerous times in this blog about the benefits of CBD.  It has really been able to help a lot of people. The market has spoken and the consumer is seeking CBD.  Yes, there are good responsible companies that create high quality and safe CBD products. There are others that can really miss the mark.  Some of my concerns have been with subpar products and companies (though there are a lot of legitimate companies creating high quality products).


However, some products that come into market are just gimmicks.  As I wrote this post I was almost floored by the absurdity of a new CBD product.  Look, I am the first to let the consumer make their own choices. I make mine. Let me at least give some perspective to it all. 

Does the product really offer a serious legitimate use of CBD?

Recently I came across one that caught my eye (followed-up by a series of eye rolls from myself).


Brick And Mortar Legitimate CBD Products

People are finding CBD to be helpful to relieve numerous symptoms and improve overall health and wellness.  Its a trend and its not going to go away. The individual success has led to substantial growth in the CBD market.


I have pointed out the areas where consumers need to be concerned so that they can avoid purchasing CBD products that can potentially be tainted with toxins and heavy metals.  I have even gave guidance on how consumers can empower themselves with information to purchase high quality CBD oil and products.

Bottom line is that you can find some good companies and products. A little due diligence can help separate you from the ones that you should avoid.

That being said there are some common brick and mortar CBD products such as tinctures/extracts, balms & lotions and skin care products that are hitting the market.  They can be effective and helpful. Just take the time to understand which product is best for you depending on your specific needs.


There are edible CBD products in the market currently as well.  I want to mention them because you can find them but I want to provide some caution as there is still a lot of legal grey areas with CBD edible and food products.


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These common brick and mortar products have been popular with the masses and the fact that the market is growing shows that people are finding them helpful.  However, with any popular market there is going to be some trendy and gimmicky products that really don’t seem to make any sense. I am expressing some of my opinions on the information that is to follow.  


New CBD Product Leads To Absurdity


Wait for it. 

Are you ready?

Apparently you can now purchase a CBD infused pillow and even a CBD infused blanket.  Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up (ok, well apparently you can because these folks did, but it’s a figure of speech).


These pillows and blankets will release microdoses of CBD that will help lead to better sleep.  I am not debating the fact that CBD can help assist with sleep. Heck, it’s been very helpful for me and many others, but having a blanket or pillow to be able to deliver the CBD?


I wrote about some of this nonsense on my CBD trendy and gimmicky products post.  Sometimes you just have to pause and look at the practicality of the product. If you are seeking to utilize CBD to assist with sleep you certainly don’t want to use a pillow or blanket to deliver it through your skin.


It true that CBD can be applied to your skin.  Its an active ingredient in CBD balms and lotions.  These are primarily used for topical skin irritations, muscle soreness and joint pain etc.  Normally if you are seeking to use CBD for things such as sleep you will use a product developed to take internally.  An example would be to use a tincture/extract (taken sublingually – these are the best).


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Why waste your money on a product that won’t be able to optimally deliver CBD?  


  • Additionally, where is the CBD sourced?  
  • What company manufactured the CBD?  
  • Where was the hemp (used to make the CBD) sourced (grown and cultivated)?
  • Was the hemp grown in the United States on organic farms?
  • Was the CBD tested and verified by 3rd party independent labs to verify the contents?


Once you really start to think and ask the common questions (ones you should ask about any CBD product or company) then things start to become a little more clear.  Buying the product for the use of dosing with CBD is impractical.


Bare this in mind too.  I wrote a post on how to dose with CBD.  In the post I shared some basic best practices on how to develop your individual dose.  Depending on your specific needs or condition you may need 20 mg or 50 mg daily or more (I am just throwing numbers for the sake of comparison).


If you are using a blanket or pillow to deliver your dose there is no way to quantitatively measure those amounts.  Again, in those regards its totally impractical.


A Little Common Sense With CBD Goes A Long Way With Any Product


When considering any CBD product just take the time to think the practicality of the product thoroughly.  There will be gimmicks that I think are ridiculous (though I can’t fault the pillow and blanket folks on creativity).  Quality CBD products aren’t cheap so if you are going to spend the money take the time to make it really work for you.  It will pay dividends down the road.


That being said if you are looking at a CBD pillow or blanket (in this case) I certainly can’t measure the comfort of the individual pillow or blanket itself.  According to the article the pillow sales for $129 with refills costing $59 and includes and average of 170 mg of CBD.


Worth the cost?  I’m not buying it.  That’s just me. If you have tried this or something similar I would certainly love to hear your thoughts.


Stay empowered and informed.

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