The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Pros & Cons Of CBD Oil Edible Products

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The rise of interest in CBD oil has led many competitors and products to enter the marketplace.  Some of the more popular products on the market seem to be many of the edible CBD items (i.e gummies).  However, there have been some problems with the legality of edible food related products that contain CBD. 

The FDA has recently became more involved and some individual states may be more strict than others.  It still doesn’t change the fact that they are popular items and can still be purchased.

If you are seeking the most effective form of CBD oil you simply can’t surpass the effectiveness of a sublingual extract.  However, the cute and trendy edibles do attract much of the attention. If you are one of those interested in CBD edible products here is a simple breakdown of the Pros and Cons Of CBD Oil Edible Products.


Pros Of CBD Oil Edible Products


Let’s face it, everyone likes the new shiny objects (shiny object syndrome).  It is no different with a new CBD oil product. CBD Oil can be taken orally (there are cons to this too, we will discuss this below).  Adding CBD to food makes it an easy and fun way to palate the substance with little interference in your daily routine.


Edible products such as gummies have been very popular.  It can be easy to have a candy (with significant amount of nostalgic value) to pop and give you a dose of CBD.  Manufacturers can be even more creative and expand the product offerings beyond just simple gummies.  


Additionally, CBD oil beers and wines may hit the market.  Even Carl’s Jr tested a CBD oil burger in 2019.  If that is not enough to get you excited coffee shops and baristas will add CBD oil shots to your morning java.  These all provide an easy option for those interested in taking CBD. It can be simple and easy to insert your dose in something that may cause little disruption in your everyday life.


Cons Of CBD Oil Edible Products


Although edible CBD products offer the trendiest option to get your daily dose, there is a drawback.  One is that there are some problems with its legality. The FDA is frowning on food related products containing CBD.  This may eventually clear up in the coming months, however as it stands now its becoming a much larger subject.


The largest negative with taking a CBD oil edible product is dosing and how products through your digestive tract are simply not the optimal way to take CBD. In order for CBD to get into your bloodstream it has to go through your stomach and digestive tract.  This takes more time but also conditions in your stomach and digestive tract can break down CBD before it makes it to your bloodstream.


Variables such as stomach acid and other foods that are present affect the ability of CBD to be properly absorbed.  This can vary based upon each individual. Dosing can potentially become problematic as it can be a wildcard as to how much CBD you are able to absorb once it goes through your digestive tract.


For instance, if you are taking 10mg of CBD in an edible product and only 75% of it can even be absorbed then you are only able to get 7.5mg of CBD to get into your body.  You lose a portion of it and can be essentially throwing some of your money away (high quality CBD oil isn’t cheap).


If you are someone trying to find the correct dose of CBD it can become a wildcard since you are unable to know how much CBD is being absorbed and what you may need.


Also, CBD is an oil and fat soluble.  This means that it does not mix with water but with other oils and lipids (much in the same way that vitamin D is also a fat soluble substance).  In order to maximize their absorption they will need to be with other similar (fat based) food items.  Here is a helpful explanation on vitamin absorption.



Items like CBD Wine and CBD Beer are really a stretch.  In my opinion they are way too gimmicky. I would suggest the same for CBD burgers or other foods that will require heating.  Cooking and preparing these food items can potentially degrade CBD oil. 


It may be fun but why spend the extra money on an item in which you are unsure how much of CBD oil will be left over to absorb.  You can make your own determination. Some of these items may just be fads that will come and go because they really do lack any practical uses.


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Summing Up The Pros and Cons Of CBD Oil Edibles


Edible CBD oil products are very popular.  There is a larger spotlight on edible products from the FDA that may potentially cause changes to their availability.  I say potentially since they can still be purchased but regulators are beginning to take focus on how CBD oil is added to food.  I am thinking that in the near future much of this will be resolved, but government bureaucracies tend to move at the pace of a snail.  


Edible products do offer a fun and easy mean to dose with CBD.  You can find them to be effective, however it is less effective vs a sublingual extract.  Since they have to go through your digestive tract some of CBD can be deteriorated and not absorbed.  Remember each individual is different and factors such as stomach acid and foods play a vital role in this.


Other food related items are just gimmicky fads.  I doubt there is much of a practical place for them in the market.   Sublingual drops offer the optimal means to get CBD into your body, may not be as fun as the food items but definitely the most effective.  You can be the one to judge on what is best for you. 


Be informed and empowered with the knowledge to determine what is best for you as a consumer.

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