The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Drug Testing & CBD | State Seeks To Change Thresholds To Protect Consumers

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Do you have concerns about whether using CBD will cause you to fail a drug test?  What happens if you do use CBD and you have to take an employer mandated drug test?


These are valid concerns and there is still some confusion on how drug testing works. How will it affect those who may be using CBD?   Remember that CBD is legal. So if it is legal why should you be concerned about drug testing? Should you have any concerns about failing a drug test when taking CBD?


This is an extension to an earlier post about employer based drug testing and CBD oil.  To get a detailed view on how it works from a clinical lab manager, you should be sure to read it below.


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In this post I will cover some new information in which the state of Tennessee is seeking to make some changes that could remove some ambiguity to protect consumers.  This should help give clarification on this topic moving forward.


Employer Mandated Drug Testing & CBD

Many employers may utilize drug testing prior to extending employment.  Others may even go a step further and have routine random drug testing. Also, depending on who your employer is and the type of industry you may find that there some are much more restrictive than others.


If you use CBD there are concerns on whether or not using CBD will cause you to fail a drug test.  Your employer or potential employer is the best to give specific guidance on what they are testing for.  Generally it may be a panel of illegal drugs.


CBD is legal, however problems could be whether other illegal cannabinoids such as THC could cause you to fail the drug test.  Your CBD products will generally fall into 2 categories: THC Free (CBD Isolates) or Full Spectrum. You may also find some Broad Spectrums (which should be THC Free as well).


THC Free versions should only contain CBD without THC.  The Broad Spectrums should also be THC free but will contain CBD along with other cannabinoids.


Full Spectrums will contain CBD along with scarce levels of THC (0.3% THC or less) and other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.  The THC levels are very low and not at the level to cause a high. They are present to help optimize the effects of CBD.


However, this can cause some concern for those who may use them.  Is it still enough to cause you to fail a drug test? What about the THC free versions?  Fortunately, there is a state that is aware of the potential confusion and problems and is seeking to make some changes that is aimed to protect consumers from these scenarios.

To get a better understanding on how drug testing works take the time to read to below post written by a clinical lab manager.


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State of Tennessee Creates Bill To Change THC Thresholds In Drug Testing


Sometimes drug testing can be a pass fail (verify this with your employer to see what they may use).  If even a minimal amount of THC is present (from utilizing a CBD product such as Full Spectrum CBD Oil), will it come up positive?


To remove the possibilities of these types of problems there are lawmakers in the State of Tennessee seeking to pass a law to change the testing threshold.  House Bill 2054  is designed to raise the threshold from 50 to 150 nanograms per milliliter.


Ultimately this is to help protect patients.  This will help potentially remove possibilities of people losing their job due to any trace amounts of THC that may show up. 


Could Other States Or The Federal Government Follow?


It seems very reasonable to suspect that other states and even the federal government could follow the same path.  More then likely there are representatives that are in the medical field and now aware of CBD. They will surely have constituents that are finding relief from utilizing CBD.  There is even CBD based FDA approved drug that is showing a lot of success in the pharmaceutical industry.


Due to the growth and popularity its reasonable to assume that there will be clarification moving forward.  Bare in mind too that your employer is always the best resource to understand how they test and deal with these types of situations.


HR departments may be currently updating their policies and testing based upon the growth of CBD that is utilized by their staff.  The success of CBD is a growing trend and employers, state and federal governments are surely to adapt.


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