The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

The Difference Between CBD Oil, CBD Tinctures & CBD Extracts

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People typically get confused with wording and labeling with CBD Oil.  There are a number of common terms that come up and too often it can lead to confusion. CBD Oil VS CBD Tincture VS CBD Extracts.  Whats the difference between CBD Oil, CBD Tinctures & CBD Extracts?  Is there any difference at all?  Perhaps some of the terms are used for the same thing? 

Lets clear up any confusion.


What Is CBD Oil?


CBD FormulationCBD oil (cannabidiol) is one of the numerous cannabinoids that are contained in the cannabis plant.  Both Hemp and Marijuana are part of the cannabis family yet have differences. For the purposes of CBD however, Hemp is typically used


Hemp is used since it is very rich in CBD and contains very low levels of THC (0.3% or less).  The farm bill of 2018 legalized Hemp at the federal level.  Cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers, stems and leaves of hemp.  After the CBD oil is extracted it can then be used to add to a CBD product.


CBD Tinctures & CBD Extracts


By Definition a tincture is a substance in an alcohol based solution (there is variability of the wording but that’s the simple definition).  As it refers to a CBD Tincture it will be CBD added to an alcohol based solution (technically by the medical definition supplied). These would typically be sold in bottles with droplets to be taken sublingual (under your tongue).


A CBD Extract is CBD oil in a carrier oil (typically MCT or Hemp Oil).  They will also be sold in bottles with droplets to be taken sublingual.  The carrier oil is important as it helps for absorption into the body.  


Sometimes the term CBD Tincture and CBD Extract can be used to mean the same.  I have heard the terms mentioned as the same and I have found myself doing it as well.


What Is The Real Difference Between CBD Oil & CBD Tinctures & CBD Extracts

Essentially it’s just the extra ingredients.  You are not going to see CBD oil sold by itself.  In order for it to be effective it will be in a solution with a carrier oil (such as MCT Oil) and perhaps added flavor (if applicable).  If you are using a CBD topical product then it could be the key ingredient along with other substances that create the lotion.


Labeling is very important for CBD product companies to be in full compliance.  Sometimes the requirements for labeling may change slightly. Just read the bottle.  Some may also be sold with natural flavor and others may be sold with added flavors such as citrus or mint.  The difference here is an individual preference.

Some products listed as tinctures may contain alcohol but others may just be contained in a carrier oil (such as MCT or Hempseed Oil).


There are CBD Isolates (THC Free versions) that contain no THC.  However, there are also Full Spectrum varieties that contain scare levels of THC (0.3% or less) and other terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids.  These optimize how the body utilizes CBD. However, for those who want to avoid THC you can opt for a THC Free version.


Should You Be Buying CBD Tincture or CBD Extract?


Remember, sometimes the terms can can used to refer to the same thing.  Tinctures will be the general term to be used to all related products that may come in a bottle with dropper.  CBD Oil sublingual droplets are the best medium in order to use CBD oil. It helps for it to get absorbed in your body quickly and begin to take effect.  I would personally look for a sublingual product that is using MCT Oil as the carrier oil as it is a much better carrier oil.

The product I use is labeled as a CBD Hemp Extract and the product category when choosing the product (strength, flavor etc) is listed under extracts.  But I have read and heard it referred as a tincture before.  I’ve seen other similar items that can be categorized as tinctures.

In this example the terms are referring to the same thing.  The label will give you additional information such as the carrier oil that included in the product (in this case its MCT Oil) or if it is included in alcohol.


Some Other Helpful CBD Terms To Know


Hemp Oil (Hemp Seed Oil) –  The oil extracted from hemp seeds.  Hemp oil DOES NOT contain CBD. It is used for many health and beauty purposes and is too commonly confused with products that actually contain CBD.  It can be used as a carrier oil although MCT is better.


Additionally, sometimes online sellers (Amazon has this happen too – it actually prohibits the sale of CBD on its site – Don’t Buy CBD On Amazon) may intentionally deceive consumers to purchase Hemp oil with you thinking that it contains CBD.


THC Isolates (THC Free) – These CBD products contains no THC. Consumers typically purchase these if they are concerned about having any THC in their products.


Full Spectrum – This title is given to CBD products that also contain other natural terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids (including THC, 0.3% or less) hence the term full spectrum.  The CBD in its natural form with the other ingredients help optimize CBD in the body with the entourage effect.  It is important to note that even with these scarce levels of THC it is not at a level that can cause a high.


CBD Balms & Lotions – These products will contain CBD in a balm or lotion that is to be utilized topically.


Soft gels & Capsules – These deliver CBD in a capsule or soft gel.  These will go through your digestive tract and take longer to take effect.  Additionally, there are many factors that can affect CBD absorption once it goes into your digestive tract.  Factors such as stomach acid and food can affect how much will ultimately be absorbed. This can vary based upon the individual and is why the sublingual drops always work best.


Edibles – These products use CBD in edible form such as gummies.  They still have to go through your digestive tract which can reduce the amount of CBD that is absorbed in your body.  Additionally, the FDA and individual states will have some potential legal problems with CBD and edibles.


Closing Thoughts


Terms can be overwhelming when researching CBD.  When you are buying a CBD oil related product the most effective and useful are going to be the sublingual drops.  Products such as CBD Tincture & CBD Hemp Extract will come up in your search.

The terms can be used interchangeably (especially anecdotally) although technically the tincture will contain CBD in alcohol.  Also, I would think that defining a CBD Oil Tincture as a product category may be the best way to give clarity.

If you are looking through CBD products you may see lotions and balms under one category.  Whereas the sublingual drops may be listed under tinctures category (or Extracts, again they can be the same thing).  This will list the variety of products that are available which would generally differ based upon things such as strength and flavors etc.


Read the labels to see if its contained in either alcohol or a carrier oil.  I have found the sublingual drops in MCT oil (MCT oil is the carrier oil) to work best and optimize the effects of CBD.  When in conversations with friends the topic may arise on what I use to help me sleep when I am restless. I will respond that I like to use CBD Oil and I will show them the sublingual drops that I use.


Word of caution.  When purchasing CBD oil you must be mindful to only utilize products from high quality manufacturers that use Hemp grown organically from the United States.  Reputable CBD companies also utilize independent 3rd party testing to verify potency and ingredients.  Otherwise you run the risk of potential dangers lurking in your CBD products.


I hope this gives clarity on the subject and you find this helpful!

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