Green Compass CBD Sets New Standards

  For those of you that may be looking for a CBD product that stands out, keep reading.  Lets face it there is a profound interest in CBD Oil. So many of us have found it helpful to assist and relieve a variety of conditions.  As time progresses that list […]

COVID-19 Outbreak – Can CBD Help Boost Immunity?

  The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the world.  Since many of you are in some level of self-guarantee you may find yourself going online to research information.  That’s great. It can help you pass the time but also a good opportunity to gain some extra […]

Got Joint Pain? Can CBD Oil Help With That?

  Are you having pain or discomfort in your joints?  Do you have knee pain or pain in your elbows or shoulders? Is there something that can offer some relief outside of prescription and over the counter medications? You may be pleasantly surprised that there could be some options that […]

My Observations and Predictions of CoronaVirus COVID-19

    As of the writing of this post in Mid March 2020 the CoronaVirus (COVID 19) is in full swing worldwide.  In most of my posts on this site I generally write and share information in regards to health/wellness and CBD oil.   This post will be much different.  […]

Some New Gimmicky CBD Products Are On The Verge Of Absurdity

A few weeks ago I made a post referencing some of the gimmicky and trendy products of CBD.   I have written numerous times in this blog about the benefits of CBD.  It has really been able to help a lot of people. The market has spoken and the consumer […]

Green Compass Product Review | Organic CBD

Green Compass CBD Product Review There seems to be no shortage of CBD related products and companies getting into the market these days.  Lets face it, interest in CBD has skyrocketed. Its with good reason since there are countless people who are really finding it helpful.   There are so […]

How Does CBD Oil Lotion Work? Is It Worth The Hype?

  If you are a CBD oil user (or potential user researching the topic) you will find there are basically 2 types of product categories with CBD products.  Simply stated there are products that are used orally and then others that are topic.   Oral products would be brick and […]

Study Reveals Anti-Psychotic Qualities Of CBD On The Brain

  CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) has been celebrated to assist and relieve a variety of symptoms.  Disorders related to anxiety and depression also happen to be some of the most common.  There are studies that have been able to show its positive effects. However, there has been some more recent research […]