Green Compass CBD Sets New Standards

  For those of you that may be looking for a CBD product that stands out, keep reading.  Lets face it there is a profound interest in CBD Oil. So many of us have found it helpful to assist and relieve a variety of conditions.  As time progresses that list […]

How Does CBD Oil Lotion Work? Is It Worth The Hype?

  If you are a CBD oil user (or potential user researching the topic) you will find there are basically 2 types of product categories with CBD products.  Simply stated there are products that are used orally and then others that are topic.   Oral products would be brick and […]

Study Reveals Anti-Psychotic Qualities Of CBD On The Brain

  CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) has been celebrated to assist and relieve a variety of symptoms.  Disorders related to anxiety and depression also happen to be some of the most common.  There are studies that have been able to show its positive effects. However, there has been some more recent research […]

Quick Guide For Taking CBD Oil Tinctures and Extracts

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How To Use CBD Oil For Pain | Here Is What You Need To Know

  Pain relief is one of the top benefits of CBD Oil.  According to the CDC about 20% of the US adult population (50 million) suffer from pain.  CBD has become a potential solution for those seeking relief without medications.   Many prescriptions and over the counter medications can come […]

Your CBD Product May Not Contain What You Think It Does

Stop The Train! Your CBD product may not be what you think it is! The widespread interest in CBD has led to an increase of products and competitors jumping into the CBD market.  The consumer has continued to show an interest in finding safer solutions outside of medication to relieve […]

What Is A CBD Oil Isolate? | Is It Right For You?

What is a CBD Oil Isolate?  Have you found yourself asking that same question?  There is a lot of interest and hype with CBD oil but once you begin to take the next step you can get inundated with products and terms. In this post I will define a CBD […]

What Is The Best Way To Take CBD Oil? | Here Are The Pros & Cons

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