The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Your CBD Product May Not Contain What You Think It Does

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Stop The Train! Your CBD product may not be what you think it is!

The widespread interest in CBD has led to an increase of products and competitors jumping into the CBD market.  The consumer has continued to show an interest in finding safer solutions outside of medication to relieve a variety of different symptoms.


However, does your CBD product contain what it says on the label? 

Does it actually contain CBD at all?

Does it contain the quantity of CBD that is on the label?


I wrote a recent post on the importance of independent lab testing for CBD products.  This helps ensure that the potency of the product is what it states on the label. The truth there are some very honest and reputable companies in the CBD market but there are also those that are not.


CBD Products For The Most Part Are Unregulated


The farm bill of 2018 legalized hemp at the federal level.  This led to the rise of hemp based CBD products to begin to come into the market.  Many people have reported to see a variety of benefits from using CBD such as relief from anxiety, pain relief (including overall pain management, arthritis, fibromyalgia), Irritable Bowel Syndrome, epilepsy and more.


As people in the market sought CBD products more companies began to produce products that would meet the demand.  Problem is that regulation on CBD products is limited. How do you know that you are really getting what you are purchasing?


Choosing a high quality cbd product with a reputable manufacturer is essential.  Otherwise you could be throwing your money away on a product that may not contain the level of CBD on the label or any at all.

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The source of where the hemp is also extremely important.  Failure to use a CBD product that is produced in optimal organic soil conditions within the United States may lead to containinments in your CBD product.


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Undercover Testing Reveals CBD Product Inconsistencies


Let me know clear.  I am by no means downplaying the effectiveness and potential of CBD. 

It is something that I have documented on this site (and will continue to document).  However, in order to help protect each consumer we all need to understand the current climate in the CBD market.


There are some great high quality reputable companies that produce great products.  There will be others that do not. Remember that not all CBD oil is created equal. Nor are the companies that produce it. 

Top quality CBD products will not be the cheapest. You often will get what you pay for. While someone can really see benefits from using CBD oil, you will just need to do some research when making a purchase.


Below is a clip from a local news affiliate that partnered with Dr. Oz to test CBD oil products.  Were the products really what the labeling stated they were? Did it really contain CBD or the amount of CBD that was listed on the label?


So What Should You Do As A Consumer?


Don’t let the story deter you from trying CBD oil.  Let the information empower you. It’s true that the media can sensationalize the topic, but it’s important to know there is inconsistency in CBD product quality.  This differentiates the top quality CBD products vs the others.


Select a reputable manufacturer that utilizes independent 3rd party testing to verify potency.  Some high quality manufacturers may not always be the biggest, but they definitely will utilize testing.


Seek companies that utilize hemp grown in the United States organically.  This helps you to get the best quality CBD while also avoiding any potential toxins or heavy metals that can make it back to your CBD product.


CBD is legal but the FDA does have some problems with food products with CBD and even individual states.  In time this may resolve itself, however the government moves slowly. To avoid any problems use products from companies that follow all regulatory compliance standards.  

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Reputable companies will utilize legal experts in cannabis law so that are products are in full compliance.


Summing It All Up


In the case of CBD, a little bit of knowledge and due diligence can go a long way.  It is my opinion that CBD is continuing to explode.

It will only get bigger. More of its potential will be revealed as research progresses.  Many people will be able to find relief that may have seemed impossible without common medications.

I also believe that there will be some bad actors that come into the market, however eventually they will fall out.  As long as the consumer is empowered with the right information the good guys will rise to the top and the others will fall out of play.

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