The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
Man Vaping Blowing Smoke Around Face

Vaping? Why I Wouldn’t Vape. Not Even CBD Oil!

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This is an interesting subject line that distinctly mentions two products (Vaping and CBD Oil) that are becoming very popular in the market.


Some for good reason, others not so good. Ironically they both cross paths.


Enter fall of 2019 and there is interest in CBD Oil and the numerous benefits that are being reported by those that utilize them.


Recently, I have covered details on what you need to do in order to find high quality CBD Oil

I also gave guidance on how to avoid the gimmicks and shady characters that jump into the market with less than stellar products.  You can read these with the links below.

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Some of products are NOT what they say they are or at the concentrations they publish (much more of this on a later post).


Today I want to discuss vaping specifically. 

Vaping has been very popular for a few years.  Chances are that you have seen vape shops pop up locally in your area.


What makes this more interesting at the time me writing this post is news specifically relating to the dangers of vaping (details covered below).


There have been injuries that have led to death.  All of them point to vaping. 

The CDC is getting involved and there has been massive shake ups to industry leaders.

Here are the latest updates posted from the CDC (Centers For Disease Control).


Personally, I do not smoke or vape.

For me it isn’t that I choose to vape as a supposedly safer form of smoking.  I am not a smoker so I am not one who may be choosing this as a safer option to smoking.

I will explain this impartially but also need to share important information as it also relates to CBD.

Some people may pause and say “Well I Just Want To Vape CBD For The Potential Health Benefits”.

That is a genuinely good interest but using vaping as a medium (even for something like health and wellness utilizing CBD Oil) may not be a good idea. 

There is a better way to utilize CBD oil outside of vaping.


Let’s review some details so you can be fully informed to make a decision on what is best for you.


What Is Vaping? (Short Version)


Vaping is the term originally referring to utilizing smokeless tobacco with an electronic device (e-cigarette). 

Now current vaping devices not only use tobacco but other products which may include cannabis related products such as THC and also CBD Oil.

The reasons behind some of the interest in vaping was that it could be a safer alternative to combustible cigarettes for those who are seeking to quit smoking.

However, growth and interest went beyond those who had interest in vaping to quit smoking. 

E-liquids for devices boasted flavors and vaping became a growing novelty.

Critics would claim that it would lead to increase use by teenagers and greater nicotine exposure and addiction.


Dangers of Vaping.  Should You Be Concerned?


Many people would view vaping as a positive viable product that could help those seeking to quit smoking or find a safer alternative.  The problem is there have been some significant health concerns.


Critics not only pointed out how the modern devices could attract teenagers and leading them to nicotine but also be a gateway to other drugs.  There was a significant effort from the government against tobacco in the years past to combat tobacco use.

The growth and interest in vaping will reverse what they government would see as progress to curtain addiction to nicotine.


Proponents would argue that over regulation would stifle a industry that could ultimately help those seeking a safer version of smoking.


Fast forward to 2019 and now there has been significant risks documented in which have lead to serious injuries and death.  All have been traced back to vaping.


The important thing to note is that there are a variety of different substances that are included in the vaping product or solution.  The substances could potentially cause some serious lung damage.


To be fair, much of the initial data (at the time of the posting) have been pointing to smoking illicit substances laced with THC. 

Some which have been purchased from questionable sources and even off the street.


I would exercise extra caution with all of the ingredients in each vape.  The substances and particles go directly into your lungs.

How will each of those substances effect your lungs?  Each product may have different substances depending on what you buy and the manufacturer.  Read carefully.


There are still details that need to be sorted out but regardless of which side you stand one thing is for certain. 

You should also be mindful of where you purchase products, where there are sourced and the reputation of the manufacturer.


Vaping With CBD Oil?  There Are Better Options.


Now that I had briefly discussed vaping this is an important time to discuss how vaping with CBD Oil really is NOT the best option.


First there is still a lot of unanswered questions about vaping and how safe it really is.  This local Florida news station profiled an incident in which a father fainted after vaping what he thought was CBD Oil.

Regardless of how all of the details unfold there is simply a better option of utilizing CBD Oil for health and wellness.


If you are seeking to get the best benefit from CBD Oil you need to utilize the best delivery method. 

The best delivery method for CBD Oil is by taking it with a sublingual tincture (droplet). This allows for optimal transport of CBD Oil in your body.

CBD Oil DropletSo if you are comparing vaping cbd oil vs sublingual drops (for the optimal benefit and absorption) the sublingual drops are the clear winner.

Furthermore, to optimize CBD Oil absorption in your body you need to find a high quality CBD Oil that is using MCT oil as the carrier oil.


Read the bottle and you will see the ingredients. Choose high quality products from very reputable manufacturers. 


Not all CBD Oil is created equal.  


Not all CBD Oil companies truly put an importance on the quality of their product. 


If you are seeking to utilize CBD Oil for health and wellness then choose the correct manufacturer.  Find a company that produces products that really focus on the health and wellness aspects vs novelty and gimmicks. 

There are many people who may like the trendy products that hit the market.  There is nothing wrong with that (not my personal choice of why I use CBD Oil).

My point is that if you are seeking to get the best out of CBD for your health then take the time to located the right product and company.

Find those whose mission and products are structured for health and wellness with the health of the individual in the forefront.



If you are reading the label of a CBD Oil sublingual tincture there will be CBD Oil but also a carrier oil and other flavors (if relevant). 

There are some products that utilize hemp oil as the carrier oil while others will utilize MCT Oil as the carrier.

Here is a link to another relevant post that includes info on MCT oil and additional links.  MCT oil is the carrier oil.  If you are familiar with essential oils and their uses this will be a fairly familiar term for you.


Using a product that has MCT oil as the carrier oil will provide the optimal means for CBD Oil to be absorbed into the body.




You can spend your money on whatever product you choose but can be wasting your money.  This is especially important is your are seeking to use CBD Oil for the health and wellness benefits.


Closing Thoughts


Vaping has became very popular over the last few years.  There have been some significant concerns over safety with recent deaths links to vaping.


Details are still unfolding and sketchy products and manufacturers seem to be part of the mix.  


However, for those who are seeking to use CBD Oil and really want to take advantage of its and health and wellness benefits you need to know there are better options.


Vaping simply is not that best delivery option for CBD Oil to be absorbed into the body. 


Find a high quality CBD Oil sublingual tincture. 


Make sure that it uses MCT Oil as the carrier oil to optimize its ability to be absorbed into your body.

It is true there is a lot of novelty use leading to gimmicky products in the CBD Oil landscape. 

However, there are many people seeking CBD Oil to be able to assist them in their overall health.

In that case don’t waste your money.



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