The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
CBD Oil Droplet In Bottle

Is CBD Oil THC Free? What Is In CBD Oil?

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Thinking about trying CBD Oil?

There are certainly a lot of people raving about how it has been able to benefit them.  I have found it helpful too.



Still many questions linger once you get to next steps.  Many of you may have difficulty trying to distinguish CBD Oil and THC.  One question that commonly comes up may be “Is CBD Oil THC Free”. What is in CBD Oil”.


Since there can be a lot of confusion during this stage of the process I am going to break down these topics so that it makes sense and expand on some common products.  This way you can be able to:


  • Fully understand CBD Oil
  • Distinguish CBD Oil from THC
  • Understand where THC and CBD Oil come from
  • Common CBD Oil Products Purchased and What is in them


Where Does CBD Oil Come From?


CBD Oil (cannabidiol) is one of the many substances that are found in the cannabis sativa plant.  Most would associate cannabis immediately with the marijuana plant.

This is not always correct. Over time we have been programmed to make that association, however there are two more common varieties of the plant.


One is the one we may more commonly know as the marijuana plant.  The other is Hemp. Sometimes unfortunately we have been accustomed to associate Hemp and Marijuana together (the federal government has been guilty of this until recently). 

However, some of you may already know Hemp from clothing products to even healthy food products that you may already have in your pantry.


Although from the same family Hemp is primarily used as an industrial plant.  It useful purposes can be to produce fiber for clothing, seeds for a high nutritional food source and medicinal capabilities.


CBD Oil is a compound that is found in both the marijuana plant and hemp.  Marijuana contains much larger amounts of THC. Hemp on the other hand has trace amounts of THC and this is the reason where its uses are industrial and never for recreational drug use.


There is some CBD products that are marijuana derived that may be on the market.  This simply means that it was produced from the marijuana plant. There are a lot of restrictions with marijuana on the state and federal level so more than likely you will find CBD Oil that is made from Hemp.


Background On CBD Oil


CBD Oil (cannabidiol) is one of the many compounds that are found in the cannabis sativa plant (both marijuana and hemp).  The important aspect to understand with CBD is that it is non-psychoactive. It will not make you high.

There are still some misconceptions floating around that may indicate that it may be a legal means to get high.  Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that or get lost in the message that it will give you the drug induced intoxication. It won’t.


CBD Oil is extracted from the plant and then added to a variety of different products for consumers.  Countless individuals have seen success in using CBD Oil for a variety of conditions. For me it helped for anxiety and sleep.




Be sure to understand there is a difference clearly between CBD and THC.  Below we are going to profile THC.


Background on THC


THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a substance found in the cannabis sativa plant that is psychoactive.  This is the substance that does cause the intoxicating high.

The marijjuana plant contains high levels of THC, which is the reason it is used for recreational  drug use. Marijuana plants now are cultivated using advanced science to even increase those levels.


Hemp contains very low (trace levels of THC), this is why its purpose is different than marijuana.  With the passage of the farm bill to allow cultivation of Hemp at the federal level, hemp has strict standards to be no more than 0.3% THC.  


What is In CBD Oil?


Now that we have discussed the background of both CBD Oil and THC, let’s dive in a little more on CBD.  I want to expand on this primarily because although CBD is CBD regardless of where it comes from.

However, when you are purchasing CBD Oil its not just CBD by itself.  There are other ingredients that are a part of the product.




Secondly, there are a variety of different concentrations that are available.  This can cause some confusion as well.


Read the labels of the product and you will see what is included with the CBD Oil.  Most of the products will be hemp derived. There could be some flavoring added as well as essential oils (carrier oils) this helps for the products to be absorbed into the body.


Not all products may contain flavoring, it’s really a matter of preference.  I use a sublingual droplet that is natural, it works for me but someone else may prefer a flavoring added.


The important aspect that I would like to point out is the carrier oil.  When you look on the back of the label you may see hemp oil or MCT Oil. These are the typical carrier oils that the product contains.  Carrier oils are simply the substance that allows the CBD Oil to be absorbed by the body.


Having the correct carrier oil can help optimize how the body can absorb CBD Oil.  This will help you optimize the effects on CBD. Otherwise you risk having an inefficient system in order to get CBD where it needs to go.  Then you may not really be able to see how well it can work for you and be throwing money down the toilet.


Look for a product that uses MCT oil as a carrier oil.  It has been shown to be the optimal carrier oil.


Purchasing Forms of CBD Oil


There are many products that will be hitting the marketing that utilize CBD as the key ingredient.  Sublingual drops are my choice and are very effective and easy to use. However, when you look on the front of the label you will see there are different levels of concentration.


As an example I started off with 500mg, but there may be 750mg or 1000mg etc available.  This simply means that the amount of concentration of CBD Oil in the product. The higher the number the higher the amount of concentration.


If you are starting out, its normally recommended that you start on the low end and modify as you progress.  If your medical provider requests you go for a higher dosage then of course follow those recommendations.


Full Spectrum VS THC Free Isolates


The difference between full spectrum products vs THC Free isolates is the THC levels. 


Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  • Contains CBD along with other cannabinoids and flavonoids (and carrier oils and other flavorings if applicable)

  • Contains trace amounts of THC (0.3% or less – a quality manufacturer would be able to product independent lab reports showing the levels)

  • The combination of CBD with other natural substances helps induce the “entourage effect” which helps optimize how well CBD functions with the body and endocannabinoid system


THC Free Isolate

  • Contains CBD (including carrier oils and flavorings is applicable)

  • Contains NO THC

  • Great option for those with concerns about THC in the event that have strict drug testing by an employer and want to avoid any chance of THC.


If you do not have any THC concerns then full spectrum is a great option.  Remember that THC levels are trace and no you will not get high.

However, some of you may have employers that mandate strict drug testing and you won’t to avoid any potential conflict with THC being found in any tests.  If that is the case using a THC Free Isolate is a great option.


Bare in mind too that this can be a discussion to have with your employer.  If they are very strict you can ask to understand their guidelines. The advantage is depending on your situation there are products available for you.




Here we have taken some time to distinguish CBD and THC.  CBD and THC are two different substances that are found in the cannabis plant.  More than likely if you are purchasing a CBD Oil product it will be Hemp derived.


CBD is not psychoactive and non intoxicating, it will not make you high.  Also, when you are purchasing CBD Oil related products there will be other ingredients included as well.  


Popular and effective sublingual drops may contain flavorings along with a carrier oil.  Look for one that utilizes MCT oil as it the best oil to have optimal absorption in the body.


CBD Oil by itself does not contain THC.  However, when you purchase CBD Oil there are products that do have very trace levels of THC (less than 0.3%).  If you are concerned there are options available for you.  


Look for THC Free Isolate CBD Oil.  These products have CBD Oil only (with the carrier oils and flavoring etc if applicable). So regardless of your situation there are products out there to meet your needs.


=> I have had great success with some CBD products myself.  It worked so well for me and my family that I wanted to share it with others.  Optimal quality CBD Oil starting with farmers who grow it. If you are seeking premium quality CBD product you can view them here <=


If you got questions feel free to drop me a line.


What about you?  I always love to hear your comments.

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