The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
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The Secret Ninja CBD Oil Buyers Guide

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Interest in CBD Oil is exploding and many and moving to the internet to do research. 

Let’s face it doing a little research on the web can be overwhelming. There is an overflow of information.  Sometimes you simply do not know where to start.


Well I got you covered here with The Secret Ninja CBD Oil Buyers Guide.  Here we are going to break down some key information that will help you with your journey to become a knowledgeable consumer when buying CBD Oil.

There are many competitors on the market and even some information online can be incomplete.  Today I will bestow you with some CBD Oil Ninja knowledge. Empowered with some metaphorical nunchucks and throwing stars I will show you:

  • Where Does CBD Oil Originate
  • Common Benefits of CBD Oil
  • Why High Quality CBD Oil Starts From The Source
  • The Best CBD Oil Extraction Method
  • Why The Buyer Should Beware of Substandard Products
  • Why You Should Avoid Gimmicky CBD Oil Products


Where Does CBD Oil Originate


CBD FormulationCBD Oil aka cannabidiol is one of the numerous cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis sativa plant.  The cannabis sativa plant is not the marijuana plant that most would assume but  Hemp (same family but not the same plant).

Hemp is an ideal variety of the cannabis sativa family since it contains very high levels of CBD and very low levels of THC. 

Its always important to differentiate between the psychoactive THC vs the non-psychoactive CBD. CBD is non-habit forming and does not cause an intoxicating high.

If you are purchasing CBD Oil and CBD oil related products they would most likely be sourced from Hemp.  Unlike the marijuana plant, hemp has uses that are much more diverse and industrial. In addition to its medicinal uses it can also be used to produce cordage, ropes, clothes and even as a food source (just to name a few).

High levels of CBD and trace levels THC makes Hemp  an ideal industrial plant and has no use as a recreational drug. 

Where and how hemp is sourced and what part of the plant is used is VERY IMPORTANT.  I will go over those details in the section later below in reference to the source of Hemp.


Common Benefits Of CBD Oil

There are a variety of benefits that users are reporting from using CBD Oil.  The more common benefits include:

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There is a much longer list where users are seeing use of CBD Oil very beneficial however these are typically some of the most common with some good research available around the subject matter.



Interesting fact to mention in regards to Epilepsy.  The success around CBD Oil and epilepsy eventually lead to very formal research (double blind placebo study) in which the FDA approved a CBD Oil based drug.


CBD Oil also has a great safety profile with limited side effects.  There are numerous peer viewed research studies that have referenced the safety profile while also researching its benefits vs many common medications that can some with significant adverse side effects. 

This gives a lot of optimism to consumers, care takers and physicians that are seeking safer and effective natural treatment options outside of prescription medications.


High Quality CBD Oil Starts From The Source

Hand Holding Hemp Plant LeafPurchasing CBD Oil really isn’t much different than making purchases of any other good or service. 

If you truly want to see if CBD Oil will work for you and to get what you paid for you need to pay close attention to the source.

The source is where the Hemp is from and the conditions in which it was harvested.  Until the passage of the farm bill in 2018 Hemp had significant federal restrictions to grow. 

Ironically you could still buy hemp related products (even as food in your local grocery store).  However, they were imported from other countries.


If you are purchasing a CBD Oil related product its important that you understand where it came from.  Did it come from a country such as China which may have questionable quality and agricultural standards?


Hemp is such a unique plant and it has the ability to soak up toxins that are in the soil in which it is cultivated.  That sounds really cool but to ensure that you have an optimal quality Hemp you want to have it grown in clean conditions. 

Look for organically grown hemp (in organic soil) that also does not use harmful pesticides and herbicides. Also look for domestic grown (Grown in USA) Hemp that uses strict organic standards.  Failure to use hemp sourced in optimal organic farms can lead to potential dangers lurking in your CBD Oil Product.  

Not only are you ensuring a high quality product (there are strict standards for growing hemp and utilizing organic conditions) but you will also be supporting local farmers.


The best quality CBD Oil will be extracted from flowers of Hemp that are grown in organic conditions. 

Not all hemp is created equal.

If you want the best quality possible you need to pay close attention to the source.

Do not compromise the quality of the source if you are seeking to get the best quality CBD Oil.



CBD Oil Extraction Methods


The means of how CBD Oil is extracted is also important, pay close attention.  The best way to extract CBD Oil and remove any other unwanted substances is extraction utilizing CO2 (Carbon Dioxide).


Remember the hemp must come from a high quality source utilizing strict growing standards (organic) and be extracted using CO2.

Utilizing CO2 for extraction can be more expensive but it is the optimal method.  Be careful not to go for a cheaper alternative that may use petroleum based extraction.


Buyer Beware of Substandard Products


Lets face it not all products are the same.  You also get what you pay for. There are a lot of CBD Oil related products on the market and there are some really cheap ones that are just are a waste of money.  


If you really want to see if CBD Oil will help you don’t waste your time and money buying a substandard CBD Oil product. 

I have seen some users be mediocre on CBD Oil after using a relatively cheap CBD Oil product. Then really give it another try with a high quality CBD Oil and come back praising how much it helped them.


There can be some scammy characters come out trying to capitalize on the growing interest of CBD Oil.  They will jump into the market and produce low quality products and some may not contain what they have posted on the label.


A quality CBD Oil product manufacturer will give details in regards to those products and provide independent lab testing.  The independent lab testing results would be readily available (or easily provided to you by request) showing exactly the levels of CBD etc that are in each product.


Take the time to understand there is a clear difference between hemp oil (also commonly called hemp seed oil) VS CBD Oil. 

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Hemp Oil is great.  Its extracted from hemp seeds and is used in things like soaps and lotions etc.  However, it does not contain CBD Oil. Its apples and oranges.

There could be some hemp oil related products from shady characters sold as CBD Oil.  They are not the same.

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Why You Should Avoid Gimmicky CBD Oil Products


We have discussed how some shady characters may jump into the market with substandard products and even some that do not contain what is stated on its label. 

Now we move on to be cautious of the CBD Oil gimmicks. Here I am going to add some of my opinion of what I consider gimmicks.  There are some CBD products that I think are downright absurd.


Brick and mortar CBD products would be the sublingual tinctures (best way for internal absorption), balms (work great externally and my wife uses it on skin inflammation successfully) and even gummies (there are some legit ones that I’ve seen friends have success).  However, there are some things I think just go a little too far.  


These things include CBD Wine, CBD Beer, CBD Burgers and Foods.  I can sort through the web and see what else is out there but I hope you get my drift. 

I am not trashing on wine or beer (BY THE WAY CHECK OUT MY ARTICLE ON THE ASTONISHING CONNECTION BEWTWEEN CBD OIL AND BEER) but don’t get dragged into overpay (substantially) on something that is gimmicky.


There is a means in which CBD Oil is optimally absorbed into your body.  For instance if you are using a sublingual tincture look for one that uses MCT Oil as the carrier oil since it helps for the best transport to your body.


If you looking to see if CBD Oil is going to benefit you don’t try a CBD Wine or Beer to be your means to test.

Warning!  A quick anecdotal nerdy science example forthcoming 🙂

Ever notice notice that oil mixes with oil and but doesn’t mix with water?  If you took a chemistry class in high school or college you may remember learning solubility. Like mixes with like.  Water mixes with water, oil mixes with oil.

If you are painting with a water based paint you can clean up with soap and water.  If you are using an oil based paint you use mineral solvents. If have oil based paint on your hands and you try soap and water its a mess (I have done that before).


Here is where I am getting at, the CBD Oil in those products really isn’t going to give you the effect you may want since its in water (beer and wine being mostly water).

The water will not allow for optimal absorption in your body.  This is the reason why the sublingual tinctures in MCT oil allow for optimal absorption in the body.


Similarly, vitamins are absorbed, stored and removed from your body based upon their type.  Water soluble vitamins (Vitamins B & C) are easily mixed with water. This is why you may see a change in your urine color if taking B Vitamins (a yellow orange).

However, the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E,K) are different.  They can be best absorbed while eating foods that contain fats (lipids), but also store themselves in fat (adipose) tissue in your body. 

If you are deficient in these vitamins your doctor or nutritionist may advise you on diet modifications to optimize the vitamins absorption.  You can read more with a detailed source here.

So I will end my little rant, just be educated and use good judgment.   If you want to try it go for it, maybe you might get something out of it but I wouldn’t blow my money on some overpriced wine just because it says it has CBD.


Understanding Brick and Mortar CBD Products

Lets go over the more common and effective brick and mortar CBD products.  These would include sublingual tinctures and balms.

CBD Oil DropletSublingual Tinctures & Extracts

These are the CBD oil extracts that are delivered with droplets.  They will come in a variety of different concentration levels. Examples could be 500mg, 750mg, 1,000 mg etc.  The higher the concentration levels simply have more CBD Oil.


Its always generally recommended to start low and modify later.  If your medical provider recommends a higher dosage level then you have those options available for you.

Another confusing aspect is the types of tinctures.  You may see Full Spectrum & THC Free (Isolate). Below is the quick breakdown of what they are.


Full Spectrum:  Contains CBD Oil (with a carrier oil, best to have MCT as the carrier oil) along with other flavonoids and terpenes of the plant including trace levels of THC (0.3% or less).  Added flavors may be present too (some are natural but you may have citrus or mint versions available based upon personal preference).


  • Pros:  The mix of CBD with other natural flavonoids and terpenes create the entourage effect which helps to optimize CBD within your body.


  • Cons:  Those with strict drug testing enforced with employers may have concern with having any THC present even at trace levels.


THC Free (Isolates):  Contains only CBD Oil (with carrier oil, preferred MCT Oil) and not THC.  Flavors may be added.


  • Pros:  Allows for CBD Oil without any trace of THC.  Ideal for those who may have strict drug testing enforced with employers and you want to avoid any potential trace of THC present in tests.


  • Cons:  Potentially may lose out of entourage effect to help optimize CBD Oil’s benefits.


There are users the are having great success utilizing a THC free versions.


Balms & Lotions: 

These are topical lotions that contain CBD Oil with other helpful ingredients.  Read the labels if they are formulated for specific symptoms. Typically these can help with inflammation and skin disorders (we have seen great success in our household).




Researching and understanding how to property buy CBD Oil may be an overwhelming task.  However with the right knowledge and tools you can be an informed consumer to purchase a quality product for your needs.


  • Remember that the quality of CBD Oil starts from its source. 
  • Find out where the hemp was cultivated and the soil conditions in which it was farmed. 
  • Domestically grown hemp in organic soil provides optimal hemp without the harmful pesticides and herbicides (avoid Chinese Hemp).
  • CBD should also be extracted using Carbon Dioxide.
  • Steer clear of substandard products and manufactures. 
  • Reputable manufacturers will provide independent testing to back up their products. 
  • Don’t cheat and go for a cheap product, you will ultimately get what you pay for. This will allow you to find out if CBD will work for you.  


  • Avoid the gimmicky products.  Lots of novelty gimmicky products will hit the market.  Don’t blow you money on some over priced gimmick and expect it to be as good as the brick and mortar products. 

This is not to say there will be some new products that effectively use CBD Oil that will hit the market.  Just use a little common sense and good judgement.

Questions?  Drop a line below or contact me.

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