The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Opioid Dangers and The Recent Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy

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Much of the talk around drug abuse unfortunately has centered around illegal drug use.  


However, in recent years light has finally began to be shed on the dangers of prescription drug abuse.


It should also be noted that many of the drugs that are household over the counter medications can pose just as much danger. 


Prescription painkillers have now been abused at such epidemic levels that many lawmakers are beginning to FINALLY take notice.


This has led many consumers to begin making the move to look at healthier alternatives outside of prescription drugs.


Numerous patients have also found natural options such as CBD Oil to help meet their needs (such as pain)  without the adverse side effects. 


Recently drug manufacturer Purdue Pharmaceutical filed for bankruptcy due to settlements that have been reached. 

If you have had a loved one affected by the abuse you know how dangerous these medications can be.  


Medication Dangers Are Not Just Prescription Some Are Over The Counter


The abuse of medications such as opioids (painkillers) is not always related to just the medications by themselves.  Mixing medications together and even when drinking alcohol can be a deadly mistake.

In my posting earlier this year I wrote how a common household painkiller (Tylenol, acetaminophen) has been shown to be deadly when mixed with other drugs and even alcohol.

The margin of error for dosing on the household medication is much closer than you may believe.  This has led to an outcry for change from many physicians.  Some have became reluctant to recommend Tylenol/acetaminophen to their patients.




Recent Celebrity Deaths Related To Opioid Abuse


There have been a number of notable deaths that have been related to either:


  • Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Mixing Medications and/or Alcohol


Many of the deaths related to opioids are not all intentional. 

Much of the danger of the medications are the fine lines where accidental overdosing or mixing (with other medications and alcohol) can lead to death.


Some celebrity deaths include:


  • Tom Petty (American Musician):  Overdose
  • Prince (American Musician:  Overdose
  • Chyna (American Professional Wrestler):  Overdose mixing with other drugs and alcohol
  • Heath Ledger (American Actor):  Overdose




This summer the death of Los Angeles Pitcher Tyler Skaggs was due to accidental overdose and mixing with alcohol. 


Why You Should Be Concerned


Many pain relievers are prescribed too often and can lead to addiction and abuse.  

Fortunately, there has been more awareness by the public and medical community to decrease the level of scripts for these types of drugs. 

It is a highly controlled substance and its abuse is an epidemic.

However, as a consumer and patient you must always be mindful of the adverse effects prescription drugs.  Speak with your medical provider about side effects and even other options.

Mixing medications can cause them to be less effective and even deadly.  The particular dangers with pain killers is that they can also effect the breathing centers of the brain.

The overdosing and mixing of drugs and other substances can effect breathing and even lead to death. 


  • Always be mindful when taking medications and never make any dosing changes without speaking with your medical provider first.
  • Speak with your medical provider about other pain options to avoid medication if you choose. There could be options out there that may be able to assist your needs.
  • Many have found CBD Oil to be helpful, discuss it with your physician


Take charge of your health, be mindful of what you are putting in your body.  Discuss your situation carefully with your medical provider. Most importantly, ask questions.

Be sure that you are always clear on advice and precautions.  Your physician should be your partner in your health and wellness and its important to get guidance and clarification.


Closing Thoughts


Recent outcry and lawsuits due to the opioid epidemic has lead to a greater awareness of its dangers. 


Addiction and abuse are at epidemic proportions. 


Many deaths are also due to accidental overdosing and mixing with other medications and alcohol.


The best way to protect yourself is to take greater responsibility for your health.  Be mindful of all medications that you take (some medications can react against each other) and discuss any changes with your medical provider.


Read all dosing labels carefully and take the time to fully explore other options and alternatives with your physician. 


 The fine line between a recommended dose and deadly dose may be too close to comfort.  If that is the case there could be some other safer alternatives to try.  


Empower yourself with the knowledge you need to live a healthier life.


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