The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Are Some CBD Products Just Trendy Gimmicks?

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More companies and products are hitting the market to take advantage of the growing interest in CBD.  It makes sense, right? Industry has to meet the demand of the consumer. The market has spoke and consumers are interested in purchasing CBD related products.


However, how can you differentiate between a product that can truly be beneficial VS one that is just a gimmick?  It is true that some buyers may just want to ride the waves of the popular masses. “Many people are interested in this really cute CBD product, well maybe I should be too.”  Then marketers will invent a CBD product to be the next big thing, often catering to the CBD masses.


I am by no means saying there is anything wrong with the casual CBD oil user that falls into that category.  CBD can be very helpful to improve your overall quality of life.  Also, its perfectly fine for businesses to create products that meets the demands of the consumer. However, lets get real.  Many of the products are just trendy fads that really Do Not showcase the real potential of CBD.


CBD Marketing Gimmicks & Fads 


Buying quality CBD is an important first step.  You should always do proper research to find a high quality product from a high quality manufacturer.  There are some good ones and ones that aren’t that great. However, you may be tempted to buy the cute CBD product that you have seen or heard about.  My biggest problem with CBD related products tend to be with it being added to foods.


First off there is still a lot of grey legal areas with CBD oil, most of which is it being added to food.  The FDA has problems with it and its still is an on going process. Some individual states have issues with it (especially when it goes across states lines).  CBD is legal.  It is how things are properly labeled and when food and edibles enter the equation where things have got sketchy (as far as the FDA is concerned).


There are some CBD edible products that are very popular.  CBD candy products such as gummies tend to be some of the top selling products.  Problem is that they can cross into those murky legal areas with regulators. Then things really begin to stretch when you see CBD get added to beer or wine or even CBD burgers.  Really?  


It sounds fun but how much more are you willing to pay for your wine, beer or burger just because it contains some CBD?  I am just giving some examples of products that I currently believe are marketing gimmicks & CBD Fads.  There will be more to come into the market but I believe that with the scrutiny of the FDA along with the products lacking practicality they won’t find a place in the market long term.


Some People Really Do See Benefits From CBD – Some Trendy Products Limit It’s Potential


If you are struggling with anxiety, sleeplessness, pain (you may find CBD oil to be very beneficial).  If you have other difficult to treat syndromes such as Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Migraines you may want to give it a try.  There is some clinical research available that seems to support some of the theories for these conditions specifically.


If you are one of those that truly wants to utilize the full potential of CBD oil be aware of limitations on certain products.  I mentioned earlier that I tend to question some CBD food related products. Some I think are just a little too extreme. I am not going to pay a premium on a bottle of wine because it has CBD in it (or so it says).  That is not going to happen.


CBD is not optimally absorbed once it goes through your digestive tract.  So a food related product that contains CBD (again, if it actually does) would have to go through a long process to get into your bloodstream.  The conditions in your digestive tract (stomach acids & foods) can deteriorate CBD causing less to be absorbed.


Also, CBD is a lipid (fat soluble), this means it doesn’t readily mix with water (it mixes with other fats or oils).  This can make it even more difficult to be absorbed. Additionally, what about those CBD burgers (as an example, there may be others currently or similar products that may hit the market in the near future)?  Do you want to pay premium on a product in which heating, cooking or prepping may deteriorate CBD oil?


I mentioned candies such as CBD gummies are very popular.  It is true that there are people who have found them helpful. However, they still have to go through your digestive tract.  They can be easy to use but are not nearly as effective as using a sublingual extract.  There are some Pros and Cons to the CBD edibles that are good for consumers to know.


The Consumer Will Ultimately Determine CBD Products In The Marketplace


Regardless of what type of CBD user (or potential user) one thing is for certain.  There will be a variety of products that come and go. I firmly believe that CBD is here to stay and can really be able to benefit a lot of people.


Some of the products that may come in the market are just a gimmick at best and may not have any true helpful practical purpose. Especially once you add the extra premium price to an existing product just because it says it contains CBD.


So when if I see a CBD Malbec available (cleverly pitched to supposedly give me my daily dose of CBD) for purchase at an extra premium VS my choice of a quality Chilean malbec – I can’t say that I am “Buying It”.


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