The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Natural Relief & Remedies For Fibromyalgia Pain

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Fibromyalgia is generally categorized as having  widespread chronic pain. According to the Mayo Clinic its normally accompanied by fatigue, mood and memory issuesOther conditions that may coexist with fibromyalgia would include migraines and irritable bowel syndrome.  

According to the CDC about 4% of the adult US population suffer from fibromyalgia. Treatments for Fibromyalgia often involve pain medication but also lifestyle changes such as stress reduction.


However, are there other ways to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms naturally? 

Can CBD Oil offer natural relief for fibromyalgia pain?  


Let’s take a broader view at some some natural remedies for Fibromyalgia pain to consider.  We will also review how CBD oil may be able to help. There is some fascinating research around the subject matter.

Frustration of Patients Suffering with Fibromyalgia


Treatment options seem limited for fibromyalgia patients, leaving many frustrated.  Often painkillers can be used however the dangers of opioids and even over the counter medications may have you looking for better options. Avoiding excessive medication is always a great strategy.  Attempt to identify some of the root causes of the issue and form a plan of action from there.  


Lifestyle, Biology & Genetics | Research Shows A Promising Connection


Looking for natural treatment options and remedies for fibromyalgia pain?  If so, I would like to share some information with you.  I will get into very interesting research showing the role of CBD oil and cannabinoids shortly, bare with me.


However, have you learned about how our specific body chemistry can have an effect on the food we eat?  The effects can lead to a variety of different symptoms within the body such as pain, inflammation, rashes etc.  Key thing to know is that we are all slightly different in our body chemistry. 

There could be foods that you eat (whether they are healthy foods or not) that could be causing adverse symptoms. What I am talking about is food intolerance (or food sensitivity).  Do not associate them with food allergies. That’s a little different.  Healthy foods such as bananas or tomatoes could be causing inflammation in your body.  


Fortunately, science has advanced significantly and there are lab tests available that can test your specific body chemistry.  The labs can test how certain foods react and give you a profile of food that you should alter in your diet.


Some may give guidance of foods to avoid, others to moderate and others that function well within your specific body chemistry.


You can discuss a food tolerance test with your physician.  There are others in the market but one that I am particularly familiar with is the ALCAT.  Here are the details about the Alcat.  If your physician is not familiar you can share it with them.


There are some Pros and Cons to food sensitivity tests.  



-Provides Great Details About Foods Unique To The Individual

-Reports Show How The Individual Can Make Diet Modifications

-Allows The Individual To Tailor Their Diet Based On Their Specific Needs

-Provides Levels Of Sensitivity To Foods In Which You Are Intolerant

-Overall The Results Are Very Customized 



-Cost (it may be an out of pocket cost that your health plan may not pay for)

-Some Physicians May Be Unfamiliar With Test And Not Receptive To Learning About It

– Requires Blood Draw

-May Require Significant Changes To Your Diet During The Elimination Period


Your Blood Type Offers Similar Guidance


The advance test such as the Alcat can give a robust picture to help define your food sensitivities.  However, you may be limited on what you can spend. There is another great option that you can consider.


You may have not heard of the Blood Type Diet.  It was based on a book written in 1996 by Dr. Peter D’Adamo (Eat Right 4 Your Type).  It simply gives guidance on how your specific blood type can show how you may react to certain foods, your natural reaction to stress, susceptibility to diseases and more.


My wife told me about it.  She has clinical and personal experience with food sensitivity tests such as the Alcat.  She mentioned how the details from the Blood Type Diet could give similar feedback.


It’s not as detailed with the meal guidance personalized to you as with the Alcat.  However, it can give guidance on certain foods that generally do not react well to your body based upon blood type.  Sometimes these reactions can cause things such as digestive problems, inflammation, fatigue or weight gain etc. Check out the details from them below.



Below are some pros and cons to utilizing a Blood Typing Diet Approach.



-Cost (buying the book or following the basic guidelines is very inexpensive although there maybe some upgrades if you buy a system from them)

-Helps You To Identify A Way To Eat That Allows Your Body To Function Optimally

-Informs You Of Problems In your Body That Can Be Remedied By Diet Modifications

-May Not Require A Blood Draw (if your know you blood type)



-Not As Detailed And Personalized As A Lab Test

-Much More Generalized – It Can Help Give General Guidance In Which You Can Implement And See Some Results.

-Might Require Significant Changes In Eating Habits


You can weigh those options. I’ve seen family have great results with both.  You just have to be willing to make some changes and realize that foods do have a direct impact on the overall function of our bodies.


Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency| Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Migraines & Other Treatment Resistant Syndromes


Now we are at the fun part.  I told you to be patient and I would get into details about CBD oil.

🙂 .


You may not know it but your body has a unique receptor system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  It is made up of your central nervous system and other peripheral organs. Your ECS helps to regulate many of the body’s  natural processes such as sleep, mood, inflammation, immune response, etc.


The fascinating part is how CBD oil has been reported to have numerous benefits for things such as sleep, pain, anxiety, epilepsy, just to name a few.


The science of the benefits involves how CBD helps to maintain balance within your body’s endocannabinoid system.  The below study from 2016 details research on how deficiency within the endocannabinoid system can cause a variety of health problems, including fibromyalgia.  

Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency Reconsidered: Current Research Supports the Theory in Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel, and Other Treatment-Resistant Syndromes.” 

It’s an interesting read but it profiles a variety of treatment resistant syndromes.  It states how current research seems to support the theory that many of the illnesses could be caused by a deficiency within the endocannabinoid system.  The term in the research for this condition is known as Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED).


Read More:  How To Use CBD Oil For Pain | Here Is What You Need To Know


What Does CBD Oil Have To Do With Endocannabinoid System


Since CBD oil (cannabidiol) works in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system it helps bring the body back to homeostasis. This is your body’s natural balance.  If things are out of balance then you could see symptoms such as inflammation, anxiety, pain (CBD Oil also has strong anti-inflammatory qualities).


This explains how CBD Oil has been beneficial for countless people seeking safer solutions to relieve their symptoms.  For the 4% of adults in the US suffering from fibromyalgia you may find that CBD Oil may offer some natural relief for pain.


Closing Thoughts


If you are looking for some relief for pain with fibromyalgia there are some other options to consider.  First of all be active! If you can get out and move around that is always very important.


However, pain can be debilitating leaving you seeking options outside of pain medication.


Consider making personal diet modifications.  Don’t just go with a blanket diet, utilize information about your personal body chemistry to help give proper guidance.  


If you are seeking to get the best information science offers you should consider getting a food sensitivity test.  These give a tremendous amount of individual specific data that can help identify foods for you to avoid.  


The data is derived from a blood test and gives sophisticated individualized reporting to give guidance on what to avoid and how to make diet modifications.


Remember that foods in which you have a food insensitivity may manifest themselves as rashes, inflammation, pain and other disorders.  There are several on the market but Alcat happens to be one I am very familiar with.


If you are seeking to get a similar benefit without having the cost of the lab consider a blood type diet.  Information is more generalized but will yield similar information based upon your blood type.


You may find that CBD Oil can be helpful to help relieve fibromyalgia pain.  Recent research has been pointing to how deficiencies in your endocannabinoid system may be the reason for a number of difficult to treat syndromes.  


Fortunately, CBD Oil’s ability to interact and bring your endocannabinoid system into proper balance (homeostasis)  could bring potential relief to those suffering from these conditions.


Need help and want to learn more about CBD Oil?  Check out these posts. Remember to always choose top quality CBD Oil produced domestically.

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