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Your CBD Product May Not Contain What You Think It Does

Stop The Train! Your CBD product may not be what you think it is! The widespread interest in CBD has led to an increase of products and competitors jumping into the CBD market.  The consumer has continued to show an interest in finding safer solutions outside of medication to relieve […]

The Difference Between CBD Oil, CBD Tinctures & CBD Extracts

People typically get confused with wording and labeling with CBD Oil.  There are a number of common terms that come up and too often it can lead to confusion. CBD Oil VS CBD Tincture VS CBD Extracts.  Whats the difference between CBD Oil, CBD Tinctures & CBD Extracts?  Is there […]

Don’t Get Scammed With CBD Oil – Do This Instead

Your potential purchase of CBD should be no different then purchases of other important products.  There is massive interest in the variety of benefits that CBD can offer. While many have reported how helpful it can be you might need to hit the brakes before making a purchase.   There […]