The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD Oil For Dogs? New Research Shows Promising Results

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CBD has becoming very popular in the recent years.  It is not going away and will continue to gain steam.  Numerous individuals have been able to find relief but could it also be able to help our four legged friends? Now truth be told I am not a dog owner. My 4 old son along with his pre-school and all my other responsibilities is enough for me as it is. So at least for the time being our household size is staying put.

However, my friends and family and many of you have additional family (the four legged kind).  Being a pet owner comes responsibilities as well.  What if I was to tell you that there has been research showing evidence that CBD Oil for dogs has been shown to be an effective treatment?

Can you use CBD Oil to help your pets?

Would you be interested to learn more?

Well lets take a look and review.

Treating Epilepsy For Dogs with CBD Oil

In one of my previous postings I referenced studies and research in reference to CBD oil and its positive effects on epilepsy.  Research eventually led to a FDA approved CBD oil based medication to treat epilepsy. All positive but now there have been studies referencing its successful use to do that same for dogs. This 2018 news cast referenced one performed from Colorado State University which really does show a lot of promise.

Nearly 90% of our furry friends saw a reduction in seizures! Good news is they referenced some additional grants that will help them to increase research and to expand the sample size to get better results.

Check out the news clip below.

Treatment For Dog Osteoarthritis

In this 2018 study from Cornell University and Colorado State University researchers sought out to see if use of CBD Oil would be useful to treat dogs with osteoarthritis.

Interesting enough the study was seeking to find a more suitable alternative treatment vs the use of non steroid anti-inflammatory drug treatments that basically can have such bad side effects that it doesn’t even warrant their use.

Its a extensive read but researchers provided clinical evidence in which they were able to successfully increase the comfort and activity level of the dogs in the study with osteoarthritis with no observable side effects.

Improving Skin of Dogs with Atopic Dermatitis

In a study 2012 in Italy, researchers were seeking exploring the use of cannabimetic compounds on dogs with atopic dermatitis. So that’s the canine version of eczema (for those of us humans who have or know of others who deal with a varying level of severity of the condition).

Its a quick read but researchers noted that the compounds protected against inflammation. In this case the skin disorder (atopic dermatitis). The scratching, swelling and inflammation of the skin for dogs is apparently the second most common skin disease for our four legged friends.










Veterinarians and CBD Oil

There has been some research presented showing some positive benefits for the use CBD oil on dogs. However, there is need to expand on more research and also some states may not (currently) allow for its use.

Young Girls Holds Dogs Head in Veterinarian Clinic

Things are changing and evolving and its exciting to see there are additional grants to expand on clinical research that can provide additional data. This article here can you a good idea of what some of the veterinarian community is thinking. There is promise with the data that has been revealed thus far and I believe that will expand significantly as states remove any particular restrictions for veterinarian medicine.


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