The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Review | Are These Products Right For You?

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There is a lot of buzz surrounding CBD oil.  You have heard the benefits of CBD and even those that have seen success from using it.  Normally at this point you begin to dig a little deeper to learn more about it.  As you dig deeper in knowledge of CBD you will surely fall into different types of products that could be either Full Spectrum or THC Free Isolate.


Surely you may have a bit of confusion at this point.  I wrote a post explaining both what are Full Spectrum and THC Free Isolates.  Though they are helpful, this post will review those products in general so you can become more confident in your decision as a consumer.  Let’s review full spectrum CBD products and go over some of the specifics.


CBD Oil and Full Spectrum CBD Oil Products – What Is The Difference?


CBD Oil (cannabidiol) is the non psychoactive cannabinoid that is found in the cannabis plant.  Cannabis as I am using it here will include both marijuana and hemp.  Although hemp (often called industrial hemp) is also part of the cannabis family it has a variety of different industrial uses.  Those include uses in making clothes, ropes and cords, food and of course medicinal uses such as CBD.


Hemp contains very low levels of THC (by law 0.3% THC or less) and it’s very fibrous content makes it useful for other purposes such as ropes and clothes etc.  If you are purchasing a CBD oil based product then you will see that it is Hemp derived.  This means that it will come from hemp and not marijuana.


There are over 100 different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.  The primary cannabinoid with the significant medicinal characteristics is CBD (cannabidiol).  The CBD is extracted from the flowers of the plant and then used to develop a product.  However, when you are purchasing a CBD oil product it’s not always as simple as just buying CBD and being done.  You look and find out there is something called Full Spectrum CBD.


If you couldn’t get confused more now you find yourself scratching your head wondering why did this become even difficult?  Is this the type of product that is best for me?


When you are purchasing a Full Spectrum CBD product it will contain more than just CBD.  It will contain a variety of different cannabinoids.  Remember the visual spectrum back in science class when you were young?  ROY G BIV, this was the way to remember all the colors in the spectrum (the colors of the rainbow essentially).

Use the same logic and level of thinking here.  So where “R” in ROY G BIV means red, we can think of red being CBD where the other colors are cannabinoids that are naturally present as well.  If you are utilizing a full spectrum product it will contain other cannabinoids including CBD.  Full spectrums do contain low levels of THC (0.3% or less) along with several other cannabinoids (including CBD).


Is Full Spectrum CBD Products Best For You?

Here there is a little bit of variability depending on the needs or you (the consumer).  Let’s review the features of full spectrum products, their strengths (pros) and weaknesses (Cons).


Strengths (Pros) of Full Spectrum Products – Where They Excel

Full Spectrum CBD products utilize CBD along with other natural cannabinoids (in its more natural state) that allow for it to be synergized to provide optimal benefits.  This concept of using the natural variety of cannabinoids (along with CBD oil) to reach this optimization is called the Entourage Effect.


Simply stated, the CBD’s potential is elevated by the inclusion of other cannabinoids (its entourage).  Remember the “Entourage” show from the 2000’s?  Here the CBD becomes even more effective when included with the others.


This is why Full Spectrum CBD Products are typically the best and can be able to provide the best benefits.  I found this to be the same with me and others as well.  For me I have used both with success but seemed to have better results (at least faster) with the full spectrum.


Weaknesses (Cons) Of Full Spectrum Products


Full spectrum products seem to be able to give you the most benefits of CBD.  However, there are pros and cons to everything, right?  What are the Cons?  There really isn’t much but those who may not want to use a full spectrum product will be those who are opposed to any level of THC.  Before we get too far with THC, let’s make sure we clear a few things up.  Continue to read the following carefully.


Full spectrum CBD products do contain a low level of THC (0.3% or less).  This is the legal threshold.  This is a small amount and is by no means a level that can cause intoxication.  It is there as a member of the cannabinoid entourage to optimize CBD’s capabilities.  Some may still not want to use THC (for personal reasons) and if that is the case, full spectrum cbd products are not the right choice for you.

Secondly, consumers may have concerns about drug testing with full spectrum products.  Here I will encourage you to read my posts on drug testing and CBD (clinical lab manager reveals details) to understand how drug testing typically works.  Also, I included another post on how some states are making efforts to change testing thresholds to avoid problems because of the growing adoption of CBD.


That being said there are many people that take full spectrum products regularly and have drug testing and never have a problem.  No company will guarantee that since variables such as the strength, quantity and amount of use are not accounted for.  You can always discuss it with your HR department if that is the case.


However, there are individuals that may be in careers or with employers that have extremely strict drug testing.  In those cases you may not want to utilize a full spectrum to avoid any possibility of problems in drug testing.  This is the area you have to be mindful about and when in doubt discuss with your employer. 


Bare in mind too that this may be a moving target since states and companies can modify this in the near future.  Much of this is because of the growing use of CBD and continued understanding and acceptance.  The larger the organization the greater the chances of others that will be utilizing it as well.  It would eventually lead organizations to make changes.  Remember to refer to your employer for specifics.


Regardless of what your situation is you will see there are some options for you.  Full Spectrum products are great but it may not be right for everyone.  People are still seeing results from THC Free varieties.  Additionally, you may find yourself interested with Broad Spectrum CBD which tends to be a happy medium.


What Other Details Are Important In Full Spectrum CBD Products Before Buying?


Before you make a purchase, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Seek out those that are produced from organic hemp that is grown domestically in the United States.  This will help avoid any toxins or heavy metals making its way back into your final CBD product.  Cheaper hemp imported from other countries may not utilize proper farming practices, its best to avoid them.


Secondly, verify that the CBD has been extracted utilizing CO2 (carbon dioxide).  There are several methods, some which use petroleum based extraction.  CO2 extraction is a little more expensive but is the cleanest and best means to extract CBD.


Third, a quality CBD product and company will use an independent 3rd party lab to test batches.  This will verify the ingredients and quantity of the products match what they say on the label.  You want to get what you pay for.  You also don’t want to be paying for a THC free product that may actually contain it.  Cheaper products and companies skip this step and attempt to attract you with the lower price.  Be cautious and remember that there are quality products and companies that do the right things.




Final Thoughts  About Full Spectrum CBD Products


Full spectrum products contain other natural cannabinoids in addition to CBD.  They do still contain THC but are very low (trace) levels (0.3% or less).  The benefits are that they optimize the ability of CBD by having it with other cannabinoids in a concept called the entourage effect.


It may not be for everyone as some may want to avoid any THC (even at trace levels).  If that is the case a full spectrum product may not be right for you.  You may find that a THC Free Isolate may be a better option.


Don’t forget how important it is to have a product  from hemp grown organically in the United States.  This can help give you better assurance to avoid any toxins or heavy metals that can make it back to your final CBD product.




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