The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

GA Doctor Supports CBD Use For Patients

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Yes, it is true.  There are doctors that support the use of CBD for their patients.  CBD has grown substantially recently. The Farm Bill of 2018 opened the doors when hemp was legalized federally (with restrictions).


Although CBD has been around much longer, it began to move more into the mainstream.  There is still much more ground to cover. However, it’s hard to deny the amount of clinical evidence that supports the many beneficial uses of CBD oil.


Research is expanding and more clues and details will become available.  However there are physicians that are educated on the matter  and seeing success in its use for their patients.


Physician Sees Success With CBD Use For Patients

An integrative physician from Georgia mentions how CBD was helpful to treat pain for his patients.  One particular patient is dealing with pain associated with Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Fever.  The use of CBD helped to manage the pain.


Relieving Pain is one of the popular uses of CBD oil. Many have found it helpful and may lead to a reduction of dependence on medications.


What Precautions Should You Take When Considering CBD


First speak with your medical provider.  Second, always take the time to select a high quality CBD oil from a reputable company.  The products should be produced from hemp that is grown organically on farms in the United States.  This can help avoid any potential dangers (such as toxins and heavy metals) that can make its way into the CBD product.


Reputable companies will also independently test their products from 3rd party labs to verify potency and contents.  Here is why testing is so important. < = =


Don’t buy CBD on Amazon!! Seriously, Did you know this? < = =


There are several types of products from tinctures to topicals. Sometimes patients may use a combination such as a tincture and a topical cream. The product (or products) that you will want to choose will depend on your specific need.  


You may need to develop a dosing plan of your CBD.  This will help you to define the appropriate individual dosing levels for your needs.  Everyone is different so that amount for you may be different than someone else. 


These amounts can vary too based upon the condition (i.e joint pain, anxiety etc).  If your medical provider gives you specific amount, stick with that. If you need to general guidance to help you develop your individual dose, grab a notepad and read this to get started.

= = = > How To Use CBD Oil For Pain


Final Thoughts


CBD is not the silver bullet or cure all.  Nothing is. However, patients and physicians are both seeing success and it may be a suitable option for you.  If so speak with your medical provider and develop a plan of action. Also, take the time to select a high quality CBD product from a reputable company.


Utilizing a high quality product will help you ultimately see if CBD is right for you.  Don’t waste your money on a cheap inferior product. Secondly, don’t risk your health on products from come from countries with questionable agricultural practices.  Its your health. You deserve the best!


Here Are CBD Products I Use = = > CBD From USDA Organically Certified Farms


Stay Empowered & Informed.

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