The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Got Joint Pain? Can CBD Oil Help With That?

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Are you having pain or discomfort in your joints?  Do you have knee pain or pain in your elbows or shoulders? Is there something that can offer some relief outside of prescription and over the counter medications?

You may be pleasantly surprised that there could be some options that can help you find relief naturally.  Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) may be able to assist you with the symptoms related to both acute and chronic joint pain.  It has worked for others. Could it be a possible solution for you?


The Background Of CBD Oil


CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant (it will not make you high).  Although most will associate Marijuana with cannabis you should also know that Hemp is also in the same family. If you are purchasing a CBD product you will more then likely see that it is Hemp derived.


Hemp is a fantastic source since it contains very high levels of CBD but very scarce levels of THC.  Marijuana contains much higher levels of THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid) which has gives it the characteristics as a recreational drug.  Hemp is a very useful plant, you can read more about it here.


How Does CBD Oil Effect The Human Body?


The usefulness of CBD is how it integrates within the human body.  Everyone has heard of the cardiovascular system, nervous system and skeletal system etc.  However, you may have not heard of the endocannabinoid system.  


The endocannabinoid system is a receptor system in your body that controls multiple functions within your body.  A few of the functions include immune response, inflammation, digestion, mood, sleep.


The fascinating aspects of the endocannabinoid system is that it is still a relatively new system (in comparison to the others you may know about).  CBD basically integrates itself with the receptors already in your body.  


When there is an imbalance within the system it can cause symptoms such as pain, inflammation, restlessness (and much more).  Restoring it to the proper balance can help relieve many of those symptoms and improve the quality of life.

There is a long list of benefits (I update and add to these regularly).  You can read the long list posts on the benefits of CBD oil that I have documented here.


Want to get a physicians perspective of the Endocannabinoid System?  Check out the video below from a Ted Talk on the subject matter. You get a physicians perspective along with some helpful visual aids for those who also like visual animations.


How Will CBD Oil Help With My Joint Pain?

Regardless if you have acute (or short duration) or chronic joint pain, there could be relief in sight by utilizing CBD oil.  Those who may suffer from arthritis (a chronic condition) I wrote a detailed post on that specific topic. It includes data from both medical experts and patients.


For those of you that may have more short term (acute) joint pain, don’t feel neglected or left out.  You are not alone. This information is just as applicable for you. This will include those who may experience joint pain that may come from occupational or physical activity (such as working out).


Perhaps the pain comes occasionally from certain days at work or days on the gym (cardio or weight lifting days).  If you are experiencing pain a regiment involving CBD might be a great solution to offer relief. You may find one or a combination of CBD products helpful.


The unique anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD oil can help reduce some of the inflammation that can cause the pain.  You can utilize products that can be taken either orally or a topical product (lotion or balm) that contains CBD as the active ingredient.  Some people may find a combination of both helpful.


How Do I Get Started With CBD Oil For My Joint Pain?

Starting a CBD oil regiment is relatively easy.  First thing is that you need to speak with your physician.  This is especially important for those who may be taking existing medications.  You can develop a plan of action with your physician. For those of you with more chronic joint pain this will help on your follow-up visits to track the progress and success utilizing CBD.


Perform your due diligence and carefully select a high quality CBD product.  There are some reputable quality companies that products great products. However, there are others that create cheaper products using raw materials from questionable sources.  This can lead you to waste your money and never know if CBD is the right solution for you. This can also be dangerous as potential toxins and heavy metals may make its way into your CBD product. 

You want a product made from organic hemp cultivated within the United States. There is hemp still imported from regions of the world with questionable agricultural practices. Do you want to take that risk?


Oral CBD Products

You can find products that can be taken orally which can either be in capsules, other CBD edibles (gummies & candies) and CBD tinctures (extracts).  There are people that have seen success in all of these products but there are a few things to note.


If you take an oral product such as a capsule or edible the CBD will have to do through your digestive tract.  That process can lead to CBD not being properly absorbed. This can vary based upon the individual since variables in the digestive tract (such as your stomach acid and foods that are present) can disrupt how the CBD can be absorbed.


A CBD edible (food, gummy or candy) is the same scenario.  They can be an easy or fun way to take your dose but still have to go through the digestive tract.  There is still a lot of grey areas legally with CBD edible products and some Pros & Cons to Edible CBD products. I suspect in the near future some of this will be cleared up but I wanted to make you aware.


Your best optimal means to start a CBD regiment is to take it sublingually through a tincture (extract).  This will help provide you with the optimal means to absorb it and track your dose.


Here is some guidance on how to develop your personalize dose with CBD.


Topical CBD Products


These products will include lotions and balms in which CBD is one of the primary active ingredients.  You simply apply them to the areas of discomfort. There will be products that are developed specifically depending on your needs.  Some lotions are developed for general skin, tissue and joint pain. Then for those who need something more you can find a product for extra relief.  These products will contain CBD along with other active ingredients that may include menthol or lidocaine etc.


You will need to determine your need and situation to see which is best for you.  There are some that use a combination of products to find relief. Depending on your specific needs there are products that are available that can help.


Does CBD Really Work For Joint Pain?  What Are Patients Saying?

If you are looking for relief away from medications it’s something that you should consider and speak with your medical provider. CBD is popular because people are finding it helpful.  Since we are discussing joint pain specifically let’s look at the data from patients with more chronic conditions such as arthritis pain.


According to a survey of arthritis patients from the National Aritis Foundation:


  • 94% reported using CBD Oil to relieve pain
  • 87% of those reported using it to manage their arthritis pain
  • 71%  of patients report that CBD use helped to improve their sleep
  • 67% of patients reported that CBD Oil has been effective in improving their mental health/depressed mood

You can read more on my post on Aritis Pain including the survey that the arthritis foundation released.


Looking for High Quality Organic CBD Oil?  Here Is What I Use.



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