The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
Curry Dish Served in White Bowl

Game Changing Alternative Treatments – Nature’s Secret Healing Power

I am not one that watches much TV.  During the day its not on.  Only after we have put our son to sleep do we ever have the TV on.  When it is I am still bombarded with those advertisements of drugs and medications to treat all those ailments that are out there. There is always some new shiny drug that can better treat symptom XYZ.

Well most of the commercial goes over those nasty side effects that often seem worse than the condition it is trying to treat. Why the heck would I even consider taking that?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am by no means trying to totally trash the industry. I am fortunately blessed to live in country where technology and research have been able to make breakthroughs that can save and change lives.

However, sometimes there are better more simplistic solutions out there but we have to do a little more digging to learn more.

Effective Natural Alternative Treatments

In my previous post I discussed an overview of CBD Oils and its game changing benefits to our overall health. It seems that there are natural solutions out there that can be able to treat a host of illnesses without many of those nasty side effects (that we see in those annoying commercials I previously mentioned).

Chamomile Flowers
Chamomile Flowers

Utilizing natural treatments is not a new concept. Some unfortunately quip natural treatments as wacky science.

People that need help to relax and sleep often utilize tea made from Chamomile which is a common plant found outdoors.  This medicinal plant is very popular to be used and recommended by medical providers.  I have seen where some people grow it in their gardens to make their own teas.  This will be a good topic to discuss at another date.

Curry Dish Served in White Bowl
Curry which contains the spice turmeric

Looking for another natural solution to aid with inflammation and what is also being researched to aid in immunotherapy for cancer treatment?

Turmeric also has many health benefits.  It is a common spice found in curry contains the chemical known as curcumin. It is being researched and shown promise to have anti-carcinogenic properties (basically anti- cancer).

Shocking right?


CBD Oils Proven Treatment For Epilepsy

Now I mentioned that I am not trashing the industry and research. There is formal research supporting the use and success of natural medicines.  There is more research planned to uncover the mysteries and healing power of many of these natural items that may grow as weeds alongside the road or even reside in our spice rack. I just don’t think you hear enough about it.

In regards to CBD Oils there are a variety of benefits and conditions that it can be used to relieve (CBD Oil Benefits).

Specifically in this post it has also been formally shown to be an effective treatment for epilepsy. Samuel F Berkovic MD (Epilepsy Research Centre of the University of Melbourne at Austin Health in Australia) wrote a piece published in the New England Journal of Medicine a few years back in regard to the matter. You can get the quick run down from Forbes.

In addition, there as another related study that cites the success Cannabidiol from NYU which you can read. Here is a video from them referencing the data from the study.

Physicians Utilizing The Benefits of CBD Oils For Patients

But wait, there’s more! There are physicians who are utilizing CBD Oils as treatments for their patients. This Naturopathic Doctor in Canada lists it as his new favourite medicine (favorite medicine for use in the US – they spell it differently for those out of Canada.)

Like Other Natural Alternative Treatments CBD Oils Show Tremendous Promise

So what exactly does all of this tell us you ask? Well to those who are quick to label you as quacks or wacks for taking an out of the box approach now you have clear and definitive evidence to support it. Interest in CBD is growing and will continue to grow.


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