The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Green Compass CBD Sets New Standards

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For those of you that may be looking for a CBD product that stands out, keep reading.  Lets face it there is a profound interest in CBD Oil. So many of us have found it helpful to assist and relieve a variety of conditions.  As time progresses that list seems to grow and its potential continues to develop.


The problem is (as I have written in numerous posts on this site) is that the CBD market has a lot of players.  There are some good ones and there are some that are not so good. It can get even more complicated since it’s not just the quality of the CBD product itself, but also the source from which CBD was derived.


The quality of the hemp that is used to make CBD and where it was farmed it absolutely essential to not only the quality of the CBD but its safety.  Failure to use hemp from optimal farming conditions may lead to potential dangers lurking in your CBD product.


Are there some companies that really go the extra mile to produce an exceptional CBD product?

Do those companies use hemp that is optimal farmed in organic soils to produce the best and safest hemp available?

The answer is YES!  


Additionally, I am going to share one with you that really takes it a step further to truly differentiate itself from others in the CBD market.  It is one that I trust with my family and I love the mission. The company is Green Compass.


What Makes Green Compass So Special?


Green Compass products are all completely controlled from the farms to the seal of the product.  I’ve heard the terms farm to seal (from the farm to the seal on the final product). Perhaps since I have emphasized the importance of soil for hemp I should say “Soil to Seal”.  I suppose that sounds rather crafty don’t you think? I like it too and I came up with that on the fly!


However, let’s get back to the topic at hand.  Here are some fascinating aspects that makes Green Compass so unique and clearly differentiates them from other companies and products on the market.  First, when I am stating they have control from the farm until the finished product that is really the case.


They have their own farms.  Essentially the company originated from farmers that cultivate hemp on organic farms in Southeastern North Carolina.  The Green Compass farmers come have over 6 generations of farming experience and were a part of the North Carolina Hemp Pilot Program.  The Hemp Pilot Program involved farmers and one of the top agricultural universities in the country. Green Compass farmers were able to develop proprietary farming techniques for hemp with optimal organic soil conditions.  This lead to an exceptional quality hemp.


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The Exceptional Quality Hemp Unique To Green Compass


Green Compass’ unique proprietary organic farming practices is able to produce top quality hemp.  Other CBD companies purchase Hemp from farmers then move onto the next step to begin the manufacturing process. 


While some of the more reputable companies will purchase domestically cultivated hemp, some may still purchase hemp outside of the United States in which questionable agricultural practices could lead to potential toxins and heavy metals finding its way into the final CBD product.


Green Compass not only controls the process from its own farms but throughout its manufacturing process.  This ensures premier quality from the farm until the final completed product.



Health/Wellness & Family Matter To Those Of Green Compass


It’s not just CBD products.  It is about creating an exceptional quality product starting from the soil on the farm to a final product.  That final product has to be produced with the same high quality in which they would give to their own families.  The mission isn’t just about putting products on the market, it’s about creating something that can really be able to help others.


Control of Farms, Products & Distribution = Premier Quality Unlike Any Other


The levels of integration (from the farms to completed products) and distribution allow all products to maintain their quality.  Products are sold directly from independent distributors.

Additionally, every product meets all federal compliance standards and is legal in all 50 states.  Where some other CBD companies may cross into some legal grey areas, Green Compass will only produce products fully legal and compliant in every state.  The company uses experts in Cannabis law to ensure that every product that is produced is labeled properly and meets all current regulatory standards.


Why Do I Like Green Compass?


There is a crowded market in the CBD landscape.  It’s becoming flooded with more competitors and products.  Some which I believe to be more trendy and gimmicky than anything else, and also with some companies that may not be so reputable.  When I mention a product to anyone else I like to have some experience with it.


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Stay Empowered & Informed!

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