The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil

Kore Organic CBD Product Review

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In this posting we will review the product line of Kore Organic CBD.  This company boast itself as having high quality organic CBD.  Kore Organic is based out of Tampa Bay, FL.  There are a variety of different product lines available that can be ordered from it website online.


So what are some of the products?  Are they of the highest quality?  Let’s review.


Background of Kore Organic CBD

Kore Organic CBD products are produced by Summit Labs.  The company has its headquarters based out of tampa bay, fl.  The company presents itself and products as being best in class and being made of organic raw materials.  This is an important feature and there will be more on this a little later below.


Products Offered By Kore Organic

There are a variety of different products that are offered by Kore organic.  These include oil tinctures, vapes, edibles, topicals and pet products.  Side note.  All products that are listed are THC free.  This is listed on the front page but also on the products individually.  There are no full spectrum products listed available for sale (at the time of this review).


Full spectrum varieties are the most popular and have been shown to be the most effective.  However, each person is different and the purpose of the individual’s use may vary.  There are cases where the individual may want to avoid any THC because of personal choice or just any problems with strict employment drug testing.


There is no real simple answer.  You can choose what is best for you or try different varieties and see what is best.  The good part is there are products available that can meet your individual needs. (Just choose a high quality product).


The legal level for THC is 0.3% or less.  Reputable companies will always utilize independent 3rd party testing to verify the amounts.  If you are curious about drug testing and CBD or want more details about  Full Spectrum CBD oil, check out the following posts.


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CBD Oil Tinctures

There are several products available varying based upon strength and flavor.  Products start on the lower concentration level of 300 mg and up to 1000mg.  There are 3 different flavors available which include: watermelon, strawberry kiwi and lemon lime.

There are varieties that are water soluble and others that would be more brick and mortar tinctures.  Now, before we get too confused.  The water soluble products would be manufactured so that they can also be added to beverages.  Otherwise since they are oil they would float and be unable to mix.


The brick and mortar tinctures would be more standard sublingual products that can be taken under the tongue.  These are the more common classical product lines.  Taking CBD sublingually is the optimal means to absorb CBD.  However the tinctures list hemp, grape seed oil and MCT oil as the carrier oils.  MCT oils are the best carrier oil to use to maximize the ability of CBD to absorb and enter the body.


So this product does contain MCT but along with other carrier oils.


Important Note:  If using a water soluble CBD product you will be essentially taking the product internally through the digestive tract.  Whereas taking CBD tinctures under the tongue utilize the capillaries under the tongue as the means to transport CBD.


There are some pros and cons to this.  We will cover this shortly below in the edibles section.


CBD Topical Products


Lotions, soaks and pain freeze products.  By the way the labeling on the products are catchy. No THC just TLC.  That has a nice ring to it.


CBD Edibles

CBD Edible products include capsules, gummies and even mixed nuts.  As I mentioned before there are some pros and cons to any CBD product that is edible.  The main pro is that these products offer the easiest (or most fun) means to take CBD without causing too much disturbance to your everyday life.


The con is that edible CBD is not the best means to take CBD.  This is because it can become deteriorated as it passes through the stomach and digestive tract.  There are several factors that can be involved and it can definitely vary based upon the individual.  However, the primary ones include stomach acid, foods present and conditional in your digestive tract and gut.


It can take longer for CBD to take effect as it goes through your digestive tract.  There is a period of time before it can enter your bloodstream.  This can potentially cause problems when trying to develop a daily dose of CBD.

Now if you are seeking to find an edible CBD product that can maximize the effects through the digestive tract I suggest you consider Green Compass Nano Jellies.  The proprietary formula increases the bioavailability of CBD through the digestive tract.  In simple terms the formulation provides a fantastic solution for those who want an edible CBD product but also want to avoid deterioration through the digestive tract.


You can read more on my post on the ” Pros and Cons of CBD Edibles” here.


Interested to learn about how to take CBD oil and develop an individualized dose?  Learn More Here.

CBD Vapes & Pets Products

You can ‘t leave our furry friends out can you?  There are CBD pet products (oils & biscuits).

CBD Vapes are available as well.  Although vapes can be popular, there are some particular dangers you should know about.  Here is why I wouldn’t vape, not even CBD.


Source of Raw Materials Used For Kore Organic CBD

When making any selection of a CBD product there are some very important factors you should consider when making a purchase.  One of the most important factors is knowing the source of the raw materials used to make CBD. Look only for products that are manufactured with hemp that is grown organically within the United States.  Otherwise there could be hidden dangers lurking in your CBD product.


Kore organic states that its products are manufactured with organic hemp that is grown on farms in Northern Colorado.  There is no official organic certification specified, though.  Certified organic products carry a lot of credibility.  This is because the process to become certified is extensive, timely and costly.  Sometimes farms can be in process of the certification, but not yet able to promote the credentials.


The USDA for instance has an extensive certification process.  And yes, you can also purchase USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil!


Extraction Methods

Producing CBD is an elaborate process.  It has to be extracted from the plant.  There are several means in order to perform this.  The two most common that you will see are either through a petroleum based extraction or supercritical CO2 (Carbon Dioxide).


Kore utilizes Hydrocarbon extraction (petroleum based).  This process utilizes butane in order to extract the cannabinoids from the plant.  Petroleum extractions are less expensive and are not generally viewed as being the optimal means of extraction or having the best quality CBD.  To be fair, there could be varying quality levels of petroleum extraction.


Supercritical CO2 extraction is the best optimal extraction method.  This uses carbon dioxide as the method to extract CBD from the plant.  It is safer, gives a higher quality CBD, and helps remove the most impurities which lead to a high level quality product.  Many companies may not choose to utilize CO2 extraction because of the cost.

Utilization of Independent Lab Testing

Kore organic does use independent lab testing with its products.  This is important as you should never purchase any CBD product unless the company independently tests the products.  These reports are available on the site and should be available on each batch. As a consumer you should review these.


Recall Of Kore Organic Product

In May 2020 the Florida department of agriculture found an unacceptable amount of lead found in a batch of watermelon CBD oil.  The test sample from the department of agriculture found that it contained 4.7ppm of lead.


Independent labs from Summit Labs had the same batch at .5ppm.  Summit recalled all products from that batch.  Here are the full details from the FDA.

Closing Thoughts On Kore Organic CBD Products

You should always be empowered to decide for yourself.  The tainting of lead in the product does sound troubling, yet there could be other areas that could have caused the problem.  The company was responsible for voluntarily recalling the product, that is a good sign.  Let’s give some credit where it is due.


There are plenty of bad actors in the CBD business that just create a cheap inferior product and push onto the market.  Don’t waste your time with a cheaper inferior product.  Many of the inferior products can also come from raw materials overseas that utilize questionable agricultural practices, here is why.

I hope you found this information helpful.


Stay Empowered & Informed.

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