The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
The Jaw Dropping Benefits of CBD Oil
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Can CBD Oil Help You Sleep?

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Having trouble sleeping at night? Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep during the night?

Well you are not alone. According to the National Sleep Foundation 43% of Americans (ages 13-64 in the survey) stated that they seldom or never got a good nights sleep.

With so many people having difficulty sleeping at night what are some solutions?

Can CBD Oil help you sleep and prove to beneficial as a sleep aide?

It made a big difference for me and members of my family. 

Lets dig in deeper and find out why.


Sleep Deprivation & Sleeping Pills

A growing trend of the population has began to take a broader view of their wellness. This includes a variety of different factors including what we eat and even the quality of sleep we receive.

Lack of sleep (or quality of sleep) has proved to be problematic for a large amount of Americans.

Sleep deprivation can be the cause of a variety of health conditions. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development states that there are increased risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes with lack of proper sleep.

According to Consumer Reports common medicated sleep aids carry small benefits but with much greater risks. In the survey 40% of the respondents stated that they felt groggy the next day.

The risks can be significant especially when medications are misused. Serious side effects can occur when sleeping pills are improperly combined with other pain medications, other sedatives or alcohol.

Most are to be used more on a short term basis. If you do take the medications here are some quick guidelines and precautions from Consumer Reports.

  • Always tell you physician if you are taking other drugs, supplements or herbal products & do not mix with alcohol
  • Use only if you have a 7-8 hours available for sleep
  • Don’t use if there is a chance you have to be up and alert at night
  • Don’t take another dose if you happen to wake in the middle of the night
  • Always start with the lowest recommended dose
  • Use caution in regards to any long term use – doing so increases chance of dependence and increases chance of side effects

Remember the importance of discussing your medication use with your physician.


Can CBD Oil Be Used As a Sleep Aide


CBD Oil has shown to be effective for a variety of conditions including Epilepsy, Anxiety & Depression and Pain. However, can it also effective to help the 43% of American’s who suffer from sleep deprivation?

There has been some research in regards to CBD Oil and its role in sleep. This 2017 study was to review the details of literature from 2014 – 2017 and summarize the research in regards to cannabis and sleep.

It referenced preliminary research which suggested that Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) may have potential for treatment of insomnia. Yet research during this time period was at its infancy and results were mixed.

In this more recent 2019 study  the objective was to seek how CBD Oil helps improve sleep and/or anxiety. There were 72 adult patients in the study and 57 of them had decreased anxiety within the first month. 48 patients within the first month also saw sleep scores improve.

There was clear data supporting significant relief of anxiety upon the start of the CBD Treatment. As for this study it seems as if the benefit was shown to be for anxiety vs sleep.

However, the benefit of the use of CBD Oil should be viewed not specifically as a sedative to help you sleep but rather assist with anxiety to help you relax.

Interesting enough the study also stated that the most notable benefit of CBD Oil was its safety. This also has been a common denominator in the research presented in previous postings.

Additionally, you can read more about the side effects of CBD Oil on this post.

CBD Oil And Sleep – Does It Really Help?

Though some of the research may suggest it can help you sleep it also has shown mixed results. This is looking at it as a sedative effect. Yet, the research has found stronger conclusive evidence that it assists with anxiety.

This could help remove any anxious thoughts that might impair someone’s ability to fall asleep at night. According to this Consumer Reports article  CBD does have properties that can help people sleep better. Its ability to relieve anxiety and ease pain can make it easier for people to fall asleep.

It may not be a direct sedative for insomnia but more to help calm your thoughts and help you relax. I found this to be true for me when I have used CBD Oil at night to help me rest.

I have also had family that have had really good success with better sleep utilizing CBD Oil when nothing else seemed to work.

My father in law always complained of being restless and waking up at night and not being able to fall back asleep.

He claimed to try everything from over the counter medications to melatonin, and nothing seemed to work.

I gave him bottle of CBD Oil to try and he was telling me how he was able to sleep through the night.  I followed up on the conversation a few weeks later and he was still claiming that it helped him rest.

It is important to note that everyone’s body chemistry is different so don’t expect to get an immediate result.  It may take some time for your body to proper balance once using CBD Oil.

This is why I thought it would be better to ask him later in the month if he was still seeing benefits in his sleep.  He was and was enthusiastic about it.

Its equally important to mention how many people have reported that CBD has been beneficial in helping them sleep better at night.  In a survey completed by the Arthritis Foundation 71% of patients had reported that CBD helped improve their overall sleep quality.


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Some Other Things To Do That May Help You Sleep

The use of CBD Oil has shown some results to directly help with sleep. However, much of its benefits to sleep may be due to its ability to ease anxiety and pain which aides one’s ability to fall asleep.

CBD Oil may also be a proper solution for those seeking a non medicated option since sleep medication may have adverse effects and also leave you groggy.

So if you are looking to take CBD Oil alone and expect it to sedate you to help you sleep, it looks like this is not the case.  However, many are seeing its claiming and relaxing benefits to help you sleep.

Perhaps you have had a stressful day and work and with the kids and need something to calm your thoughts and relax – then it may be a great option for you (It has for me and my family)

It has proved to be very safe and non habit forming so it can be useful to try.

Here is some helpful sleep information from The National Sleep Foundation

  • Create and stick to a sleep schedule
  • Expose yourself to bright light in the morning and avoid it at night
  • Exercise Regularly (but avoid rigorous exercise close to bedtime)
  • Establish a Relaxing Bedtime Routine
  • Avoid Drinking Caffeinated Beverages, Alcohol, chocolate & tobacco at night (that nightcap is not beneficial for your sleep)
  • Avoid any large meals near bedtime
  • No Naps In The Later Part Of The Day, Unless You Work Nights (I love a power nap just as good as the next person but avoid long ones and no too late during the day.)

You might find some help in your pantry. Teas containing chamomile can help ease tension and help you sleep. There are a variety of tea formulations as sleep aids.

Some teas contain caffeine so be sure to read the label.

As always remember to speak with your doctor if you are taking medications and are drinking herbal teas to avoid any interactions. Breastfeeding and pregnant women should also always exercise caution.


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Stay Empowered & Informed


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